UTA In The News — Monday, January 9, 2023

Monday, Jan 09, 2023 • Media Contact : UT Arlington Media Relations

Texas Independence Day explained
Why Texans recognize and still celebrate Texas Independence Day on March 2 was explored in a Fort Worth Star-Telegram story that featured Sam Haynes, UT Arlington history professor. He said when Texans recognize Texas Independence Day, they’re celebrating the state’s unique history. “The war for independence against Mexico, the creation of an independent republic — even an unsuccessful one —all draw attention to the fact that Texas can claim a creation story that is unlike any other state in the Union,” Haynes said.

Math award
The American Mathematical Society has selected the Bridge to Math Doctorate program at The University of Texas at Arlington for its 2023 Mathematics Programs That Make a Difference Award, U.S. Fed News reported. The annual award recognizes programs that increase the number of students from groups historically underrepresented in advanced mathematical degree programs, including racial and ethnic minorities, women, low-income students and first-generation students. UTA representatives received the award at a ceremony in Boston on Jan. 4.
Kermanshachi named fellow
The Board of Direction of the American Society of Civil Engineers has named Sharareh (Sherri) Kermanshachi, a University of Texas at Arlington associate professor in the Department of Civil Engineering, as a fellow, Targeted News Service and U.S. Fed News reported.

Comet coming
A bright green comet that has not been seen since the last ice age will be visible in DFW skies later this month, The Eagle in Bryan-College Station, Texas; the Longview News-Journal and the Walla Walla, Wash., Union-Bulletin reported. Manfred Cuntz, a UTA physics professor, said the comet, called C/2022 E3 (ZTF), is like “messengers from the super early solar system.” Cuntz recommended looking for the comet during early mornings when the sun is low. He said, “It’s literally speaking, a once in a lifetime chance.” The story originally appeared in The Dallas Morning News.