UTA In The News — Monday, June 3, 2024

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AI Exploration

UTA partnered with Microsoft to host the state’s first “Prompt-a-Thon,” where educators and researchers learned how to best use artificial intelligence to improve their work, according to Fort Worth Report and Bioengineer.org.

Revolutionizing Homes

A Fort Worth property is using the unique approach of 3D-printed walls for construction, according to Fort Worth Report. Shadi Nazarian, UTA professor and the H. Ralph Hawkins, FAIA, Chair in Architecture, says 3D-printed homes could eventually help address affording housing issues in the DFW area.

Mental Health

A piece for the National Academies website co-written by Apurva Pamidimukkala, UTA assistant professor of research in civil engineering, advocates for more mental health initiatives focused on those in the construction industry.

Curb Appeal Matters

House Digest cited UTA research examining how much curb appeal can account for the value of a home.