UTA In The News — Wednesday, July 3, 2024

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Hannah Lebovits, UTA public affairs and planning assistant professor, wrote a column in Forward about the recent Supreme Court ruling allowing the criminalization of people who are unsheltered and its effects on the faith-based non-profit sector.

Research Grants

News Medical & Life Sciences and Philanthropy News Digest reshared a UTA news release about the Welch Foundation funding research that is creating new materials to safely and effectively deliver medication to treat diseases.

Quantum For All Camp

The Arlington ISD wrote about the third annual Quantum for All camp hosted in conjunction with UTA and the National Science Foundation.

Pupil Research

Scientific American spoke with Mathew Robison, assistant professor of psychology, and Lauren Garner, a psychology doctoral student, about their research on pupil dilation and how it correlates to a better working memory.

Lab-created Chemicals

The National Institutes of Health Director The National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Monica Bertagnolli reshared on X UTA’s research story about lab-created created chemicals potentially making it easier to formulate and deliver complex medications