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New Partnership

UTA and General Motors Form New Partnership

UTA has been producing smart, skilled graduates in Arlington, Texas for more than 50 years. General Motors has been turning out high quality vehicles in Arlington for more than 60 years. These long-standing community pillars formed a brand new partnership in December 2015.

Two College of Engineering students were chosen to be paid interns at General Motors’ Arlington assembly plant. These internships offer a remarkable opportunity. As group leaders, the students are supervising a team of workers on the plant floor.

"It is going to prepare me a lot as a leader as I socialize with people and get to know different situations," said senior mechanical engineering student Angel Frias, before his first day on the job.

Interns often become employees, and with the College of Engineering ranking among the top engineering schools in the nation, GM is confident the university will supply a direct pipeline of talent.

“I think it shows the vast potential we have to really develop as a community," said Raul Villarreal, GM Area Manager. "You ought to be looking at Arlington, Texas as a STEM city."

Thursday, December 10, 2015