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UTA Professor Receives Five Patents in One Year

UTA Professor Receives Five Patents in One Year

Professor Robert Magnusson, UTA’s Texas Instruments Distinguished Chair in Nanoelectronics, currently leads the University’s Nanophotonics Device Group.

“We make nanostructures that function as artificial new types of materials that interact with light in a certain way,” he explains.He has received many accolades during his impressive career in electrical engineering and nanoelectronics, but he recently achieved something he’d never experienced before. He had five patents issued in less than a year.

“When you apply for a patent it takes a long time to break through to the examiners and convince them the patent is a good one, so it’s always cause for celebration when a patent issues,” Magnusson said.

He added with a laugh, “When you get five in short order, it’s very nice. It’s never happened to me before!”

While Magnusson’s patents are highly conceptual, he is hopeful they will have broad impact someday.  One of the patents issued protects sensor technology that he is commercializing through his small company, Resonant Sensors Incorporated.

“The company’s focus is to develop new types of medical diagnostics, and use it for drug discovery, cancer research, all kinds of applications,” he explained.

The other patents include a concept for waveplates that provide heightened polarization control in optical systems, a concept for a very narrow high quality laser, technology that would control the bit stream in telecommunications systems, and an optical device that changes the color of pixels in display technology faster than ever before. 

Monday, January 25, 2016