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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Off-Campus Mavericks?
Check out the About OCM section of our website to learn more about the Off-Campus Mavericks program. In general, Off-Campus Mavericks is a program to support commuter students at UT Arlington. We understand that being a commuter student can be difficult and cause additional challenges, so we are here to help address those concerns in any way possible as well as connect off-campus students to campus.

Is there public transportation in the city of Arlington?
Arlington does not currently offer a public transit system. There are, however, still several ways to get around in the city of Arlington. Check out the City of Arlington transportation page for a full list of ways to get around.

Where can commuter students park on campus?
Commuter students have the option of purchasing a student parking permit or remote lot parking permit. To learn more, check out the Parking Services website, found under the Resources section, for all parking rules and regulations.

Is there a place to heat up food that I bring from home?
There are a couple of microwaves available on campus for student use. Students can use these conveniently located microwaves in the following locations:

  • Maverick Activities Center – Located near the computer lab
  • University Center outside the Market

Where are good places to study and relax in between classes?
There are several spaces on campus that are great to study and relax in between classes. Here is a list of those commuter friendly spaces on campus with a list of some of the amenities that make them great:

  • Maverick Activities Center - The home to off-campus students on campus! Includes 25 desktop computers, LCD monitor for group study projects, café style seating, the Maverick market, a microwave, and comfortable seating
  • Central Library – Not only does the Central Library have Einstien Brothers Bagels, a great place to stop for coffee and a snack, but the entire second floor is a designated collaberative study area where there is plentiful seating and computers, as well as UTSI tutoring and the IDEAS Center. For students who desire a more quite area to relax and study, the fourth and fifth floor of the central library are "quiet zones" only.
  • The Plaza – Offers a variety of healthy and fast food choices including Chick-Fil-A, Pizza Hut, Panda Express, and Subway
  • Architecture Building Courtyard – On a beautiful Texas afternoon, this area is great for studying or a coffee break with friends 

Need more help?
If you need additional help you are always welcome to call the Off-Campus Mavericks Center at 817-272-3213, email us at, or stop by our office located in the Maverick Activities Center.

Another great resource is the Campus Information Center located in the University Center. The Campus Information Center can help answer any of your questions at 817-272-4636.

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