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Forms » Concurrent Enrollment

Students are allowed to enroll concurrently at another university or college if they meet the criterion listed below. This form is an agreement between UTA and the student of what is required to maintain status while being concurrently enrolled.

Request workflow:

  1. Before enrolling concurrently, check with your academic department to determine which courses will transfer to your specific degree program. A course equivalency guide can be found at Undergraduate Course Equivalency Guide
  2. Check with the school you wish to enroll for their admissions requirements for students who wish to concurrently enroll.
  3. Enroll in at least 6 hours at UT-Arlington for the semester you wish to enroll concurrently. (If you are not required to enroll in Summer at UTA, then you do not have to meet this requirement). Your total enrollment between the two schools must equal full time.
  4. Fill out the Request for Concurrent Enrollment Form and turn in to the OIE front desk along with the concurrent enrollment form from the university/college you will enroll.
  5. After you complete the course submit a transcript showing the completed course to UTA Admissions.
  6. Bring proof of completion (transcript, unofficial or official) to OIE to show that you met your full time requirement for that semester.
  7. Remember, you must complete this process EVERY semester you wish to enroll concurrently.