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Visitation Letter Request

Our office has a new system to assist us with writing invitation letters for our international students.

This new process allows the student to submit the request form electronically from our website. The completed form is then sent to our office email. The letter is automatically generated based on the information provided by the student. Therefore please be sure to check the spelling before submitting the online form.

Within 7 to 10 business days of our office receiving this information, we will review and sign the letter and return to the student. Hard copies will be printed out and available for pick up at our front desk. Electronic copies of the letter will be emailed to the student’s mymav email address.

Please be advised that this new system will generate one letter which contains all of the student’s family members names. Our office is only authorized to generate invitation letters for family members.

Use this form to submit a Visitation Letter request

Student Name :    

UTA ID Number:  

Email Address: 

Please select ONE:

  Hard Copy     Electronic Copy (Electronic copies of letters will be emailed)

Please list name as you want it to appear on the letter

Name Relationship

Please be advised that letters are generated automatically based on the information provided, therefore make sure all names are spelled correctly before submitting.

Please allow our office 7 to 10 business days to process your letter request