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Office of Information Technology (OIT)

UT Arlington
OIT: Office of Information Technology

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UTA Chief Information Officer

Jeff Neyland

Jeff Neyland

The Office of the Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer (Office of the CIO) provides information technology leadership for UT Arlington.   This office works with the campus community in support of the university vision and core values to further the teaching, learning, research, and administrative goals of UT Arlington.

Technology is integrated throughout the teaching, learning, and operational processes of UT Arlington.  The Office of the CIO serves the university community through leadership, direction, and advocacy for information systems and information technology through dynamic policies and practices, accountability, collaboration, and stewardship of resources.  Goals and planning initiatives include the aspiration to assist in making the work of students, faculty, staff, colleges, departments, offices, academic units, and the university easier, efficient, and effective.

  Role of the Office of the CIO

  • Work with the University community and its leaders to define a vision for the role of information technology at UT Arlington.
  • Provide the leadership to plan, integrate, and optimize UT Arlington's use of technology services and technology infrastructure for the university community
  • Act as campus advocate regarding the role of information technology
  • Ensure that information technology in its many forms fully serves our teaching, research, and service missions, using a model of partnership and collaboration
  • Ensure an appropriate campus IT infrastructure in support of administration, research, and instruction
  • Facilitate the effective coordination, implementation, and ongoing support of information technology-related activity throughout the campus community
  • Establish clean and informative paths of communication related to IT topics within the campus community.
  • Represent the campus at regional, state, and national levels on relevant IT issues