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Office of Information Technology (OIT)

UT Arlington
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Data Entry


  • Reading data sheets processed by NCS scanner

  • Manually entering data yourself

Processing Standard Data Sheets

Blue Forms

  • General purpose NCS answer sheet forms number 4521

  • 200 possible questions with 5 possible answers each

Green Forms

  • General purpose NCS answer sheet forms number 6703

  • 120 possible questions with 10 possible answers each

Non-Standard NCS scan forms

  • There is a per hour programming fee for setting up the scanner to process forms

Non NCS forms cannot be processed

Manual Entry of Data

Before you enter your data manually it is advisable to talk with the Statistical Consultant. She will help you design the way that you enter your data so that the statistical software can read the data to produce the answers to your specific research questions.

See Preparing to Meet with Consultant.