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Office of Information Technology (OIT)

UT Arlington
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Frequently Asked Questions


What help can I get from Statistical Services?

You can get help organizing your data for data entry and with processing the data with statistical software to answer your research questions after you have entered your data into the computer.

Where do I find Statistical Services?

Statistical Services is located in 004A University Hall or call (817) 272-5021.

Can I get assistance with my computer questions as well as with statistical problems?

For non-statistical computer questions contact the computer OIT Help Desk. For statistical related computer questions contact the Statistical Consultant at (817) 272-5021.

What should I do to prepare for a meeting with the Statistical Consultant?

Call (817) 272-5021 to set up a meeting with the Statistical Consultant. If you have not entered your data into the computer, bring your research instrument. If you have entered your data, bring your research instrument, a disk which contains your data, and the research questions you wish to address with statistics. See Preparing to Meet with Consultant

When should I contact Statistical Services?

The best time to initiate your first meeting with the Statistical Consultant is before you begin collecting your data, but you can contact Statistical Services at any time during the research process. See Preparing to Meet with Consultant.