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Incident Management

Incident Management helps restore normal service operations as quickly as possible after an unplanned interruption and helps minimize the impact to your business.

What is an Incident?

An incident is a disruption of service, eg.  Email Server is down, my computer is not working, etc.

How is an incident different from a request or problem?

When several incidents are related to the same cause,  they are grouped as a problem by the service desk. 

Request is when a service is requested,  it does not mean something is not functioning.  eg.  Need CMS Access,  Need Netid etc.


Problem Management

Problem Management helps find the root cause of related incidents.

What is an Problem?

When a group of incidents are related to the same root cause, service desk creates a problem and groups the incidents in the problem.

Can I create a problem in ServiceNow?

Only the Service Desk agents can create problems in ServiceNow.

Can I email helpdesk to create an incident?

No we cannot create incident by email in ServiceNow.

Can I call Helpdesk with incidents or requests?

We encourage you to login to the Employee Self Service in ServiceNow and create an incident or request there.