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Incident Management

Incident Management helps restore normal service operations as quickly, efficiently, and effectively as possible after an unplanned interruption; helps minimize the impact to business.

       What is an Incident

An incident is any event that is not part of the standard operation of a service and causes, or may cause interruption/disruption to, or a reduction in teh quality of that service. E.G. Email server is down, computer is not working, etc.

       How is an incident different from a request or problem?

When several incidents are related to the same cause, they are grouped as a problem by the service desk. 

Request is when a service is requested, it does not mean something is not functioning.  E.G. Need CMS Access, need Netid etc.

Problem Management

Problem Management helps find the root cause of related incidents; process for managing the lifecycle of all problems and/or root cause. The primary objective is to prevent incidents from happening, and to minimize the impact that cannot be prevented.

What is a Problem?

A problem is when a group of incidents are related to the same root cause, service desk creates a problem and groups the incidents in the problem. It is an unknown cuase of one or more incidents.

Can I create a problem in ServiceNow?

All OIT staff agents can create a problem in ServiceNow.

Can I email helpdesk to create an incident?

No we cannot create incident by email in ServiceNow.

Can I call Helpdesk with incidents or requests?

We encourage you to login to the Employee Self Service in ServiceNow and create an incident or request there.