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ServiceNow IT Service Management

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What is ServiceNow IT Service Management?

ServiceNow ITSM is the Service Management tool that we are implementing to improve customer experience and usability. It is replacing the existing Front Range ITSM Ticket tracking system.

It will be used to create, track, resolve and close incidents and requests. In addition, ServiceNow will report the number of open and closed tickets in the previous months, etc.

Why are we implementing ServiceNow  ?

The purpose of ServiceNow IT Service Management is to improve the customer experience in the following major ways:

1) Self-Service Portal will enable the user to request offered services, by filling a form with all the required information.

2) The portal will also automatically route requests to the correct functional team.   

3) The users can access the Knowledge base to find answers to common questions.

ServiceNow is the most widely used Service Management platform. It is used by many corporations and Universities alike. 

ServiceNow provides the following modules

Incident Management & Problem Management

Incident Management helps restore normal service operations as quickly as possible after an unplanned interruption and helps minimize the impact to your business.

Problem Management helps identify, investigate, and resolve root causes of multiple incidents e.g., if the network is slow, we will have several incidents such as email being slow, CMS being slow and etc. The root cause of all these is the network being slow.

Knowledge Management

A knowledge module is a knowledge base of useful articles designed for a user to be able to learn and help oneself. These articles will allow users access to answers of commonly asked questions in a time efficient manner and at their own convenience. All UTA students, staff, and faculty members can search the knowledge base.

IT providers can create knowledge articles however, a knowledge manager needs to approve them to be able to publish it. These knowledge articles can be created in a word document and submitted to the knowledge manager for approval.

Service Catalog

Service catalog helps to present the services that we offers to students and staff.