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Digital Measures Project Site

About Digital Measures

The university is introducing a new web based application called UTA Digital Measures to help faculty collect, organize, and display their data for the purposes of annual reviews, promotion and tenure, and more.  Digital Measures is being used successfully at other UT institutions and will provide us with a centralized data resource to help colleges, departments and the university manage large reporting processes in a more time efficient way. It will also improve the ability to track and report faculty activities for both internal and external purposes. 

The College of Business has successfully adopted this new application and the College of Engineering is next as we roll out this faculty profile system across the entire campus. In order to implement Digital Measures initially for the College of Engineering, there are four main phases identified by the project team.

 DM - Project Phases

Project Status

We are currently in the testing phase. The project team is reviewing the process that imports data from PeopleSoft to Digital Measures via Web Services. In addition, Digital Measures has completed the screen setup and is finalizing the report templates setup identified at the University level. Next, the project team will be working with the College of Engineering to prepare for user testing. Finally, the project team has identified a group of College representatives to define the implementation of Digital Measures for each college. The College of Social Work will be the next group to be part of this implementation. Overall, the project is on target.

Contact Information

The Digital Measures project is currently supported through the joint efforts of the Office of the Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the Office of Information Technology (OIT). Please feel free to contact the project team with any questions and suggestions you may have at