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NetIDPlus Frequently Asked Questions

  1. About NetIDplus
    1. What is NetIDplus?
      NetIDplus is the UTA’s two-factor authentication resource. Two-factor authentication puts an extra layer of security on your accounts by requiring you to have something you know (e.g., bank account username and password) and something you have (e.g., cell phone receiving text messages with additional code verifying your account). When applications and services require NetIDplus, it will prevent anyone but you from accessing using your credentials, even if an attacker knows your password. NetIDplus will be required to access the Virtual Private Network (VPN) from off-campus initially. Later, NetIDplus will be applied to UTA Share.
    2. Why is UT Arlington implementing this?
      The University of Texas at Arlington is adding steps to safeguard personal and institutional data by applying a two-factor authentication called NetIDplus. Passwords alone no longer provide a sufficient degree of safety. Users at other universities have experienced the painful consequences of losing control of passwords. Some users had direct deposit routing number information altered using stolen credentials. On payday, they did not receive their expected deposits, which instead were deposited to accounts under the control of criminals. Stronger authentication methods are needed to reduce the risk of a compromise, especially with high value systems such as those that process or store sensitive and restricted information. The Office of Information Technology will start implementing NetIDplus to secure access to the VPN when off campus. Later, NetIDplus will be expanded to additional UTA applications and also to UTShare.
    3. What are the benefits of NetIDplus protection?
      1. Greater protection for UT Arlington Systems
      2. Reduced risk of criminals using your NetID account to preform harmful activities.
      3. Compatibility with a wide variety of mobile devices.
      4. Multiple log-on options even when wireless signal is weak or you are traveling
      5. Compliant with UT System requirements NetIDplus adds a second layer of security to your account to make sure your account stays safe, even if your password is compromised.
    4. What services will be affected by implementing NetIDplus protection?
      The Office of Information Technology will start implementing NetIDplus to secure remote and off-campus access to the VPN.
  2. Getting Started
    1. Do I have to use a mobile device to gain NetIDplus protection?
      Since NetIDplus protection will be powered by Duo software, several methods can be used to protect you, including a mobile device app, SMS text message, and voice phone call options. UT Arlington users will not be required to own a mobile device to enjoy NetIDplus protection, but this is the most convenient option and the one that most users preferred in tests.
    2. Do I have to use my personally owned mobile device?
      UT Arlington users will not be required to have a mobile device to get NetIDplus protection, but this is the most convenient option, which most users preferred in tests. Today, many UTA users already check work email from a personally owned mobile device. Just as email can use a portion of your data plan, using the Duo software will consume data, though it will be relatively small. Users who are not comfortable using a personally owned mobile device will have other options, such as landline phone call
    3. Can I use NetIDplus with my smartphone without downloading the DUO mobile app?
      Yes, you can. If you do not want to download and use the DUO mobile app on your smartphone, you can specify this during the device enrollment process. You must choose "other" when selecting the smartphone's operation system. Please refer to the user guides for additional information.
    4. Does UT Arlington gain control of my personally owned mobile device if I participate in NetIDplus?
      The NetIDplus initiative is powered by Duo software developed and published by a contracted third party. By installing the application on your mobile device, you do not provide UTA with any additional ability to access your device or monitor your personal activity. Though most users will prefer the convenience of the installed application, Duo offers several other methods including SMS text message, and voice phone call options.
    5. How do I enroll in NetIDplus protection?
      During the NetIDplus rollout period (November 2nd - December 9th), an enrollment email from Duo Security ( will be sent out to you with the required instructions. Please review the enrollment schedule section for information related to the rollout groups and dates. In addition to this, you can self-enroll at anytime by using the Enrollment site. Additional information on how to enroll your device is available under the user guides.
    6. Can I request NetIDplus for affiliates?

      Yes, you can! Please have the request come from a full-time staff member from the sponsoring department. We need at least 72 business hours to complete this request. Please send an email to with the following information, feel free to request for multiple people in the same email:

      • Subject line to contain: Affiliate NetIDplus creation
      • Body of the email (per person):
        • NetID and UTA ID# of your Affiliate member
        • The date period they will need access to services remotely (start & end)
        • Department they are affiliated with
        • A good contact email for your affiliate member (so we can send them an enrollment link)

      We cannot honor a request that comes from a student email or someone with the following job title:

      • Assistant Instructor
      • Graduate Research Assistant
      • Graduate Research Associate
      • Graduate Teaching Assistant
      • Graduate Teaching Associate
      • High School Student
      • Non-Affiliated Student Worker
      • Research Assistant
      • Student Assistant
      • Student Associate
      • Teaching Assistant Tutor
  3. Using NetIDplus
    1. Who is required to use NetIDplus?
      NetIDplus is available to UTA faculty, staff, student workers (GTAs, GRAs, etc.), and affiliates. NOTE: NetIDplus account is required in order to access campus Virtual Private Networks (VPN) while you are off-campus.
    2. What VPN groups will require NetIDplus?
      All other VPN groups (except .Default-Students_Only) will require NetIDplus for successful logins. If you were accustomed to using the .Default VPN group, you will need to click the group drop down and select .Employees for a successful login. To better understand when you will use NetIDplus, please see the table below:
    3. How do I setup/register my phone?
      The first time that you login to an information resource with NetIDplus two-factor authentication enabled, you will be prompted to register. You will only need to register once, even if you access multiple types of information resources. Registering your office phone as an alternate method of authentication is highly advised. For more information on enrolling, please refer to the user guides or visit the NetIDplus enrollment site.
    4. Can I use NetIDplus with my smartphone without downloading the DUO mobile app?
      Yes, you can. If you do not want to download and use the DUO mobile app on your smartphone, you can specify this during the device enrollment process. You must choose "other" when selecting the smartphone's operation system. Please refer to the user guides for additional information.
    5. What if I get a new phone number or have no access to my old number?
      You can enroll additional phones or tablets at any time. However, to prevent the malicious registration of unauthorized devices, you will need to have access to at least one of your registered devices. If you do not have access to one of your registered devices, you may contact the Help Desk to have your device registration reset.
    6. Why am I not seeing the “Manage Devices” option or being prompted for NetIDplus authentication?
      You are not seeing this option because you selected NetIDplus to remember your device for 60 days. In the event you do need to add or make changes to your devices and need to be prompted for NetIDplus authentication, do one of the following: Clear the cookies of your browser through your Internet options or use another browser.
    7. Can’t you just block access from outside of the United States?
      Since UT Arlington is an international organization, there are many legitimate users outside of the United States who daily need to connect to our sensitive information resources. Additionally, attackers are using infected computers in the Unites States to carry out their cyber-attacks against UT Arlington.
    8. My username and password do not have access to anything confidential. Why do I still need two-factor protection?
      Most attackers are interested in using your username and password to break into the secure internal network so that they can look for vulnerabilities on the thousands of sensitive internal systems on campus. Alternately, attackers will login to a user’s email account and send out hundreds or thousands of phishing messages to other faculty, staff and students in an attempt to compromise their computers and get access to sensitive information.
    9. Do I need to install software on my laptop or home computer to do two-factor authentication?
      No, two-factor authentication is integrated into the various login pages, so additional software is not required.
    10. I am going to traveling abroad, how can I continue to use NetIDplus?
      If using a smartphone, you can simple use the DUO mobile app to generate a passcode each time authentication is needed. Use the passcode as your second factor. Cellular service is not needed to generate passcodes through the DUO Mobile app. If you are not able to use your mobile device while traveling, other options are available. To review your options, please contact helpdesk at least 48 business hours before leaving.
    11. I upgraded my mobile phone (new device with the same number) how do I get the DUO app to work again?
      After reinstalling the DUO Mobile app, you can re-activate your NetIDplus account using the Manage Devices site. There, you can select the "Manage Devices" option and follow the prompts. Please refer to the NetIDplus Manage Devices Guide for a more detailed walkthrough.
    12. What is the difference between the passcode and the push option?
      Method Description
      Duo Push When you type "push" on the NetIDplus field, DUO Pushes a login request to your phone or tablet (if you have Duo Mobile installed and activated on your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry device). Just review the request on your mobile device and tap "Approve" to log in.
      Passcode Log in using a passcode, either generated with Duo Mobile, sent via SMS, or provided by the Help Desk. You can use this option by either typing "SMS" on the NetIDplus field to get a new passcode to use or just type the passcode generated on the DUO mobile app.
  4. Security Concerns
    1. Why am I being forced to enroll?
      On Thursday, February 25th, 2016, a change was made to UTShare’s NetIDplus application in response to a security incident. The change will force all University of Texas at Arlington employees to enroll in NetIDplus, in order to access UTShare. Due to the security nature of this decision, at this time, there are no plans to reverse the change. If you do not wish to enroll your personal phone, please enroll with your office phone number.
      • All users that do not have an active NetIDplus account will be prompted to enroll when accessing UTShare, from any location (on or off-campus).
      • UTShare will continue to redirect users to the NetIDplus sign-in screen until they have activated a NetIDplus account.
      • After successful enrollment in NetIDplus, employees will be able to continue accessing UTShare on-campus without needing to authenticate with NetIDplus.
      • Off-campus UTShare access will continue like normal, where NetIDplus authentication is required.
      • These changes do not affect the current protocol for authentication with NetIDplus for VPN connection.
    2. What devices are supported?
      • iPhone
      • iPad (running iOS 6.0 or later)
      • Android Phones & Tablets
      • Newer Blackberry Phones & Tablets with Android OS
      • Windows Phones & Tablets
      • Cell Phones & Landlines

      Please note: Blackboard OS is no longer supported or available on the Blackboard World app store. Newer BlackBerry devices with an Android operating system will not be impacted by this announcement.

    3. What browsers are supported when installing Duo Mobile and enrolling?
      • Chrome
      • Firefox
      • Safari
      • Internet Explorer 8 or later
      • Opera
    4. What to do if I am using SMS option and I have not received the code?

      If you have not received your requested code by SMS (text message), it may be network related. You can try the following:

      • Confirm your phone have service .
      • Turn off WiFi and use your cellular data connection instead .
      • Confirm you are not in airplane mode.
        • Cycle your phone through airplane mode to make sure it connects to a network (cellular or WiFi).
      • Does your phone know the correct date or time? Please adjust them if they are not correct.

      If these suggestions do not work, please contact the Help Desk.

    5. I am running iOS 4.3 (or lower) and I am not able to install Duo Mobile 3.1.0 from the App Store on my iPhone.
      The minimum supported operating system version for Duo Mobile 3.1.0 and above is iOS 6.0. We would recommend that you use a passcode in this situation.
    6. What happens if I continue to use the BlackBerry Duo Mobile App even though it is not supported? Duo, our NetIDplus provider, is no longer supporting the BlackBerry Duo Mobile app. On February 1, 2017, the app will be permanently removed from the BlackBerry World app store. Push notification and password generation, through already installed apps, will continue to function on BlackBerry devices. Please be aware that if you decide to download the retiring BlackBerry Duo Mobile app, technical support will no longer be able to troubleshoot issues relating to push notifications. BlackBerry phone updates may also cause the application to become unresponsive. The Office of Information Technology recommends becoming accustomed to the alternative authentication methods, such as the phone and text messaging options if you are utilizing a BlackBerry operating system.
  5. Token Policies & Procedures
    1. What are tokens?
      A token, when the button is pressed, provides a 6-digit passcode that can be used with NetIDplus at any time.
      Example Token
    2. When am I able to use a token?
      The preferred second authentication methods are listed below:

      NetIDplus Second Authentication Methods

      There are a few instances where these options may not be appropriate:

      • Traveling abroad with no international plan on your phone
      • Traveling abroad & frequently changing phone numbers
      • Physical handicaps
      • UTA Guests on campus less than 30 days
      • UTA Affiliates on campus less than 30 days

      In these instances, a better solution may be the use of a token.
    3. Can I use a token as the primary authentication system?
      No. Due to the additional hardware costs and inventory overhead, it is not recommended that a token be a primary authentication system.
    4. How do I obtain a token?
      OIT recommends that colleges and departments at UTA purchase a pool of tokens for its faculty and staff that regularly travel abroad, or meet any of the suggested criteria above.

      A single token costs $20 plus shipping & handling.

      To request tokens for your department, email with the following information. Please get approval from your department prior to submitting this request:

      • Cost Center
      • Department
      • Department purchase contact
      • Number of tokens being purchased
      • Date tokens are needed
      • Pickup person, if not requestor
      • Person(s) to assign token to (if known)

      Once this has been submitted, OIT will create an Interdepartmental Transfer (IDT) and request approval from the associated cost center. After departmental approval is received, you will receive an email notification that the token can be picked up. This process can take about two weeks to complete. OIT strongly encourages collegs and departments to purchase these well before they may be needed.
    5. How do I delegate a token?
      To assign or remove a token to a user:

      • Email the Help Desk to generate a ticket
      • Then call the Help Desk at 817-272-2208
      • The agent you speak to will pull up the email from the ticket queue and proceed with assisting you on delegation.

      If you do not call the Help Desk, depending on the time of year, please allow a minimum of 72 business hours for processing.
    6. My token is lost, damaged, or stolen. What do I do?
      After a token has been purchased from OIT, it becomes the property of the purchasing department.

      Stolen and lost tokens need to be immediately reported to OIT so they can be removed from the user's account.