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 What is NetIDplus?

NetIDplus the university’s two-factor authentication resource to protect restricted and sensitive data from theft and misuse. Two-factor authentication puts an extra layer of security on your accounts by requiring you to have something you know (e.g. username and password) and something you have (e.g. physical device like a cell phone).

When applications and services require NetIDplus, it will prevent anyone but you from accessing using your credentials, even if an attacker knows your password. This process requires users to verify their identities by providing both a password and a physical device.


NetIDplus is initially required to access UTShare and the Virtual Private Network (VPN) remotely or off-Campus using your NetID password (the "something you know") and for most NetIDplus users, a mobile device will serve as the second factor (the "something you have"). If you do not wish to enroll your personal phone, you can enroll with your office phone number instead. To better understand when you will use NetIDplus, please see the tables below. You can also review the NetIDplus home menu for additional information.

* All users that do not have an active NetIDplus account will be prompted to enroll when accessing UTShare, from any location (on or off-campus). After successful enrollment in NetIDplus, employees will be able to continue accessing UTShare on-campus without needing to authenticate with NetIDplus.

** SSH Remote Access will require NetIDplus on Category I servers