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Office of Information Technology (OIT)

UT Arlington
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Engineering Lab

engineering lab  

The ELB Lab is located in room 256 of Engineering Building.  This classroom contains 40 student computers,and 1 instructor computer running Windows 7 Enterprise.

B/W, Color Laser printers and a T1120 Designjet Plotter are available.

For a list of the hardware installed please visit the "Hardware in OIT Computing Facilities" page.

The facility is available as an open lab or for classroom reservations.

For semester classes or single events such as training classes, exams, or meetings the departmental administrator must contact Ad Astra.

Departments may also request software be installed in the classrooms using this form, Software Installation Form.  Please be advised that software requests will require some time to be installed and tested.


(817) 272-1269


Monday-Thursday: 10:00am - 9:00pm
Friday: 10:00am - 9:00pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Software Installed

Adobe Acrobat Pro XI11 Windows Full
Adobe After Effects CCCC/13.0 Windows Partial
Adobe Audition CCCC/8.0 Windows Partial
Adobe Bridge CCCC / 6.1 Windows Full
Adobe Dreamweaver CCCC/16 Windows Partial
Adobe Flash Professional CCCC/13.0 Windows Partial
Adobe Illustrator CCCC/19.0 Windows Full
Adobe InCopy CCCC/9.1 Windows None
Adobe InCopy CCCC/11 Windows None
Adobe InDesign CCCC/9.1 Windows Partial
Adobe InDesign CCCC/11 Windows Partial
Adobe Photoshop CCCC/14 Windows Full
Adobe Photoshop CCCC/16 Windows Full
Adobe Reader XIX/11 Windows Full
Adobe Shockwave Player 1212.1 Windows Minimal
Agilent ADS2015.01 Windows Minimal
Agilent IC-CAP2014.04 Windows Minimal
Ansys 16 Software Information Page16.2 Windows Partial
AutoDesk AutoCAD 20162016/22 Windows Full
Cadence SPB 16.516.5 Windows Minimal
CambridgeSoft McGraw Hill ChemDraw Plugin 1212 Windows Minimal
Cygwin-X1.7 Windows Partial
ES-Computing EditPlus 33.21 Windows Minimal
Freedom Scientific JAWS 1313 Windows Minimal
Google Earth 66 Windows Partial
Lab View 20112011 Windows Minimal
Lanner Group WITNESS 1313 Windows Minimal
Lanner Group WITNESS 1414 Windows Minimal
Lanner Group WITNESS PwE 22.0 Windows Minimal
LockDown Browser2.0.1.2 Windows Full
MathWorks Matlab R2015aR2015a Windows Partial
MathWorks Matlab R2016aR2016a Windows Partial
Microsoft .Net Framework 44 Windows Minimal
Microsoft Internet Explorer 1111 Windows Full
Microsoft Internet Explorer 99 Windows Full
Microsoft Office 20132013 Windows Minimal
Microsoft Office 20162016 Windows Full
Microsoft Silverlight5 Windows Minimal
Microsoft Silverlight 44 Windows Minimal
Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise7/6.1 Windows Full
Microsoft Windows Live Movie Maker 20112011/15.4 Windows Minimal
Microsoft Windows Live Photo Gallery 20112011/15.4 Windows Minimal
Mozilla Firefox Windows Full PDFCreator 11.0 Windows Full
PTC Mathcad 1515 Windows Partial
PTC Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 55.0 Windows Partial
Python Software Foundation Python 2.62.6 Windows Minimal
Python Software Foundation Python 2.72.7 Windows Minimal
RealNetworks RealPlayer SP 11 Windows Minimal
RefWorks Write-N-Cite 22 Windows Minimal
Sassafras KeyAccess 7.07.0 Windows Full
Software Information Page1.0.0.1 Windows Full
SolidWorks 20152015 Windows Partial
Wolfram Mathematica 99.0 Windows Full