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UT Arlington Announces Changes in Print Quotas

The UT Arlington administration has approved a change in print quotas for faculty, staff, and GRA/GTAs using OIT labs and Library printers. The print quota will be $100 per year (reduced from unlimited printing), the same as that for all students.  

The most important reasons for this change are:  

1.     Faculty, staff, and GTA/GRAs already receive printing allowances in their departments. It is redundant to support unlimited gratis printing in OIT labs and libraries across campus for these groups while at the same time their printing needs, especially as they relate to teaching and research, are being provided by their home departments.  Sixty faculty members exhausted their entire default quotas of $1000 (that is 600,000 single-sided copies) and one hundred fifty faculty members used all but $10 of their default quotas (1.5 million single-sided copies).

2.     Printing is increasing yearly and costs are escalating. Basically, printing on the UTA campus is growing rapidly and the cost to support it is increasing yearly. Currently the Office of Information Technology and the Library are underwriting the quota system at a cost of $200,000 a year in consumables alone (paper, toner, maintenance kits, etc.). These costs will only increase if nothing is done to cap printing. As the University looks for ways to reduce or control escalating costs, placing reasonable limits on printing makes good sense and will enable the Library to redirect funds to sustain information resources and OIT to improve and enhance technology on campus. 

3.     Excessive paper printing runs counter to the University’s sustainability efforts. Too many natural and human resources are being used to support printing and copying on campus. It is best for the environment and the University’s  sustainability efforts to reduce the consumption of printing resources. The University is trying ways to encourage people to use other means for reproducing materials. For example, during the past year, the Library has purchased and installed five KIC public scanners which enable students and faculty to scan documents, pages from books, etc., and save them onto thumb-drives or email them as attached files to themselves or the people they are working with. This service is free and costs nothing in terms of paper, toner, etc.  


It is important to emphasize that these changes will only impact those faculty, staff, and GTA/GRAs who use OIT labs and/or Library printers. The change in no way impacts the printing being supported in other departments across campus. 


Suzanne Montague, VP for Information Technology (

Gerald Saxon, Dean of the Library (             



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