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Pay-As-You-Go Printing Refund Procedures for Departments

The eligibility requirement  for a refund are outlined in the  Pay-as-You Go Website

Refund Forms are Included with the Banner page printed with the Print job. And is also available separately Here Refund Form

The Assigned departmental representative(s) will be the ONLY ones that are authorized to make an Approve / Dis-Approve decision regarding departmental refunds.  This Rep will have sole responsibility for these departmental decisions. It is important to note the refund request will not be accepted for consideration if submitted by anyone other than this approved representative,  including the student requesting the refund. The Rep will sign the Request Form with the Status.

Once the decision has been made the APPROVED or DIS-APPROVED  refund form must be delivered to the OIT Help desk in person, or by fax. The Fax Number to use is 817-272-2063.  Only the Refund sheet need be sent, The supporting documentation used for determining the decision  ( The original Printout, and unusable documents ) should not be included.  Refund forms are submitted for processing and should be verified and credited back to the account within 24 hours (during the work week). Unverifiable requests will not be refunded.

DIS-APPROVED refund requests are based on the Departments opinion only. OIT will not make that decision.  

If all refund procedures are not followed, then the refund should be denied.  Please contact the OIT Help desk should you require assistance.

All approved and disapproved requests will be processed into OIT’s service request tracking system. Approved requests will be assigned to OIT Business Services for completion and both the person requesting the refund and approving authorized representative will be notified via e-mail.   

Available To:

  • Departments and Offices at UT Arlington
  • Faculty (currently appointed) and Staff