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Laptop Printing in the Lab

Student Mobile Printing is intended to allow students to print from their laptops on campus to standard Black and White or Color laser printers located a various convenient locations on campus.  To take advantage of this service the "Student Mobile Printer" package must be installed on a laptop.  This package will install two printers, a popup program, and the Pharos uninstall program.

Available To:

  • Currently Enrolled UT Arlington Students

System requirements: Windows

How to Get:

Install Pharos Uniprint for Windows

Install Pharos Uniprint for Mac

How to Use:

Printing to the Pharos printer queue will allow you to send the print job to OIT Lab Printers that support Student Mobile Printing, SMP; then release them at any of the print stations.

Known Issues:

Packages can only be downloaded when client is on the campus network. This is an intended security function. For more information on connecting to the campus network see: Network Connections

It has been reported that under Windows 7 only one printer icon will appear. Usually the "Student Mobile Printing Color".  However, both "Student Mobile Printing BW" and "Student Mobile Printing Color" appears when selecting a printer from within a program.  This is a known Microsoft issue and there is currently not a sufficient resolution to this issue. For more information see:
"Windows 7 - Grouping Printer Objects"  Search by Keyword - "1582".

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