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Office of Information Technology (OIT)

UT Arlington
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Software in OIT Computing Facilities

Faronics Deep Freeze is installed on all computers in OIT Computer Facilities.  Deep Freeze helps eliminate workstation damage and downtime by making computer configurations indestructible. Once Deep Freeze is installed on a workstation, any changes made to the computer—regardless of whether they are accidental or malicious—are never permanent. Deep Freeze provides immediate immunity from many of the problems that plague computers today—inevitable configuration drift, accidental system misconfiguration, malicious software activity, and incidental system degradation.

At every new or restart Deep Freeze software completely restores a computer to its original software configuration.  It is possible to lose work in progress if a computer experiences any problems and Deep Freeze reboots a machine.

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If you do not see the software you need, please contact your class instructor.  Departments may request software be installed in the classrooms using the Software Installation Form.  Please be advised that software requests will require some time to be installed and tested. To guarantee proper installation and testing, please review our software installation policy.

See also Desktop Software with Support Levels.

MacAcrobat Pro (XI/11) FA
MacAFNI (2009) FA
MacAfter Effects (CC/12) FA
MacAudition (CC/6) FA
MacBlackboard IM (4) FA
MacBridge (CC/6) FA
MacClassroom Performance System (CPS) (1) FA
MacCyberduck (4.4) FA
MacDreamweaver (CC/13) FA
MacEdge Animate (CC/2) FA
MacExtendScript Toolkit (CC/4) FA
MacExtension Manager (CC/7) FA
MacFinale (2011/2011) FA
MacFirebug (1.11) FA
MacFirefox (27.0.1) FA
MacFlash Player (12.0) FA
MacFlash Professional (CC/13) FA
MacGarageBand (6.0.5) FA
MaciDVD (7.1.2) FA
MacIllustrator (CC/17) FA
MaciMovie (9.0.9) FA
MacInCopy (CC/9) FA
MacInDesign (CC/9) FA
MaciPhoto (9.4.3) FA
MaciTunes (11.1) FA
MaciWeb (3.0.4) FA
MacJava Development Kit (JDK) (7/1.7) FA
MacJava Runtime Environment (JRE) (7/1.7) FA
MacKompoZer (0.8) FA
MacMac OS X 10.10 Yosemite (10.10.5) FA
MacOffice for Mac (2011) FA
MacPhotoshop (CC/14) FA
MacPrelude (CC/2) FA
MacPremiere Pro (CC/7) FA
MacProcessing (2.1) FA
MacPro Tools LE (8) FA
MacQuickTime (X/10) FA
MacReader (XI/11) FA
MacReason (4) FA
MacSafari (6.1) FA
MacShockwave Player (12.0) FA
MacSilverlight (5.1) FA
MacSMART Board Tools (9.5) FA
MacSpeedGrade (CC/7) FA
MacSPSS Statistics 23 (23) FA
MacTextWrangler (4) FA
MacUniprint (8.1) FA
MacVectorworks (2013/18.0) FA
MacWeb Developer (1.2) FA
MacWMV Player (2.4) FA
MacXcode (3.2) FA
MacXQuartz (2.7) FA
Windows.Net Framework (4) ARCH BBELBFAACTUC
Windows3ds Max (2016) ARCH
WindowsAcrobat Pro (11) ARCH BBELBFAACTUC
WindowsActivePerl (5.20) ARCH
WindowsADS (2015.01) ELB
WindowsAfter Effects (CC/13.0) ARCH ELBFA
WindowsAnsys (15) BB
WindowsAnsys (16.2) ELB
WindowsArcGIS Desktop (10.3.1) ARCH
WindowsArcGIS Desktop (10.1) BB
WindowsAudition (CC/8.0) ARCH BBELBFA
WindowsAutoCAD (2016/22) ARCH ELB
WindowsAutodesk Maya (2017) ARCH
WindowsAutodesk Maya (2016) ARCH
WindowsBlender (2.49b) ARCH
WindowsBridge (CC / 6.1) ARCH BBELBFAACT
WindowsCadence SPB (16.5) ELBUC
WindowsCygwin-X (1.7) ELBUC
WindowsDreamweaver (CC/16) ARCH BBELBFAACT
WindowsEditPlus (3.21) ELBFAUC
WindowsFirebug (1.8) UC
WindowsFireworks (CS6/12) BB
WindowsFlash Professional (CC/13.0) ARCH ELBFAACT
WindowsFlash Professional (CC/15.0) ARCH FAACT
WindowsformZ (8.5) ARCH
WindowsFSReader (2) ACTUC
WindowsGoogle Earth (6) ARCH ELBUC
WindowsGrasshopper (1.0/0.8) ARCH
WindowsIC-CAP (2014.04) ELB
WindowsIllustrator (CC/19.0) ARCH BBELBFAACTUC
WindowsInCopy (CC/9.1) ARCH ELBFA
WindowsInCopy (CC/11) ARCH BBELBFA
WindowsInDesign (CC/9.1) ARCH BBELBFAACT
WindowsInDesign (CC/11) ARCH BBELBFAACT
WindowsInternet Explorer (11) ARCH BBELBFAACTUC
WindowsInternet Explorer (9) ARCH BBELBFAACTUC
WindowsJAWS (14) BBFA
WindowsKeyAccess (7.0) ARCH BBELBFAACTUC
WindowsKingdom Suite (2015) ARCH
WindowsLabView (2011) ELB
WindowsMAGic (12) BB
WindowsMAGic (11) ACTUC
WindowsMathcad (15) ELBUC
WindowsMathematica (9.0) ELB
WindowsMatlab (R2016a) ARCH ELB
WindowsMatlab (R2015a) ELB
WindowsMcGraw Hill ChemDraw Plugin (12) ELBUC
WindowsMOVE (2014.2) ARCH
WindowsOffice (2016) ARCH BBELBFAACTUC
WindowsOffice (2013) ARCH BBELBFAACTUC
WindowsPDFCreator (1.0) ARCH BBELBFAUC
WindowsPETRA (3.8.3) ARCH BB
WindowsPetroMod (2016.2) ARCH
WindowsPetroMod (2012.1) ARCH
WindowsPhotoshop (CC/14) ARCH BBELBFAACT
WindowsPhotoshop (CC/16) ARCH BBELBFAACT
WindowsPixel Bender (2) ARCH BBELBFA
WindowsPowerDVD DX (8.3) ACT
WindowsPremiere Pro (CC/7.0) ARCH BBFAACT
WindowsPremiere Pro (CC/9.0) ARCH BBFAACT
WindowsPro/ENGINEER Wildfire (5.0) ELB
WindowsProductView Express (9.1) ELBUC
WindowsPython (3.2) UC
WindowsPython (2.7) ARCH ELBFAUC
WindowsPython (2.6) ELBUC
WindowsPython ( ELBUC
WindowsReader (X/11) ARCH BBELBFAACTUC
WindowsRealPlayer (16) BB
WindowsRealPlayer SP (1) BBELBFAACTUC
WindowsRespondus Lockdown Browser ( ARCH BBELBFAACTUC
WindowsRespondus Lockdown Browser ( ARCH BBELBFAACT
WindowsRhinoceros (5) ARCH
WindowsRhinoceros (4.0 SR9) ARCH
WindowsRoxio Creator Business Edition Silver (10.1) ARCH BBFAACTUC
WindowsSAS (9.2) BB
WindowsShockwave Player (12.1) ARCH BBELBFAACTUC
WindowsSilverlight (5) ARCH BBELBFA
WindowsSilverlight (4) ARCH BBELBFAACTUC
WindowsSimio (8.132) BB
WindowsSketchUp (8.0) ARCH
WindowsSketchUP Pro (2017) ARCH
WindowsSolidWorks (2015) ELB
WindowsSPSS Statistics 24 (24) BBACTUC
WindowsVectorworks (2017) FA
WindowsVisual Studio (2010/10.0) UC
WindowsVLC Media Player (2.0.6) BB
WindowsWeb Expression Studio (4) BB
WindowsWindows (7/6.1) BBELBFAACTUC
WindowsWindows Live Movie Maker (2011/15.4) ARCH BBELBFAUC
WindowsWindows Live Movie Maker (2009/14.0) ACT
WindowsWindows Live Photo Gallery (2011/15.4) ARCH BBELBFAUC
WindowsWindows Live Photo Gallery (2009/14.0) ACT
WindowsWITNESS (13) ELB
WindowsWITNESS PwE (2.0) ELBUC
WindowsWrite-N-Cite (III/3) BB
WindowsWrite-N-Cite (2) ARCH ELBFAUC
WindowsXMind (3) FA