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Office of Information Technology (OIT)

UT Arlington
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Computing Facilities Software Installation

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) maintains several user-friendly computer labs throughout the campus for student, faculty and staff use. The purpose of these labs is to provide computing resources for campus-wide research and student instructional activities. OIT installs and supports a base line of software on these systems. The base line software includes basic generic software and communication software. Basic generic software consists of Compilers, Libraries, Editors, Word Processors, Spreadsheets, and Databases. Communication software consists of SSH, Telnet, FTP and Web browsers. Please visit Software Currently Installed in OIT Labs page for an up-to-date list.

Various other types of software, though not generic, are of wide use for research and instructional purposes. These software packages can be requested by department(s) to be installed in the specific system(s). To guarantee proper installation and testing prior to the start of class, departmental requests for specific new software installations, upgrades or changes to existing software, must be placed with OIT by the time class schedules are created. The deadlines to submit software requests are as follows:

Requests must be into OIT by:   For software that will be used in:
1st Monday in May   Fall Semester
1st Monday in October   Winter and Spring Semesters
1st Monday in March   Maymester and Summer Semesters

The Requests can be initiated by submitting a completed Software Installation Form to the OIT Helpdesk at When the formal request is processed, an OIT technician will contact you to arrange for the pick up of the software license agreements, installation media and documentation.

The software will be installed if it operates with the current software running on the system. It must be remembered that system setup in labs is not exactly like the setup of a normal desktop or a small departmental system due to the current presence of a multitude of other software. As such, the successful installation of the software in question requires that it does not interfere with any of the existing software. In order to provide software consistency from one user to the next, many restrictions have been placed on the software and the operating system. OIT will make its best effort to work with the requesting department(s) and the software manufacturer(s) to make the installation successful. If unresolvable installation problems should arise, OIT will not be able to install the software. The department will be responsible for identification and purchase of new or replacement software, as well as notification of outdated software that should be removed.

Once the software is in place, OIT will test the software using the manufacturer's provided tutorials and samples. The department should perform further testing using both the manufacturer and instructor provided samples. Software should be completely tested before making it available to students and relying on it for instructional or researching purposes. Please keep in mind that sufficient lead-time is the key to success.

After the software has been successfully tested and installed for production, all materials (media and documentation) given to OIT will be 1) returned to the requesting department if it is so asked or 2) kept by OIT in case of corruption due to hardware, software, and/or environmental failure and to facilitate subsequent re-installation. If documentation needs to be placed in the lab for students to review, it can be arranged with the Manager of Computing Facility Operations. Be warned that manuals seldom last longer than one or two semesters in lab use.

Students and instructors are encouraged to report software issues to the OIT Helpdesk. Generic questions such as opening files, deleting viruses, printing, etc. can be answered by OIT support personnel, who can be reached by phone at 817-272-2208 or by e-mail at Due to number of software titles installed, the OIT Helpdesk may need to refer these questions to technical support within OIT, which in turn, may need to escalate the issue to the department. OIT will rely on expertise within the department to address advanced issues about the operation of the specific software. OIT will keep the student and instructors apprised of the progress of their Helpdesk request. If technical problems arise, OIT will work with the department and the software publisher to resolve these problems.