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Office of Information Technology (OIT)

UT Arlington
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  • Students Admitted to UT Arlington

System requirements: Windows

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The UT Arlington Office of Information Technology (OIT) in cooperation with UT Arlington Housing have made some changes to the UT Arlington Residential Network (ResNet). These changes were made to help better secure the UT Arlington network from the increasing threats of network breaches and the prolific spread of computer viruses and worms.

The following campus residence locations are currently setup for access to ResNet:

Arlington Hall, Trinity Hall, Brazos Hall, Lipscomb Hall, Arbor Oaks Apts., Timber Brook Apts., Meadow Run Apts.

You will be required to logon to UT Arlington ResNet in order to access the campus network. You may logon as guest, which will allow you access to UT Arlington Web sites and UT Library Web sites. In order to access off-campus Internet, you will need to logon with your student NetID. If you have questions about your student NetID, you can logon to ResNet as guest, and then visit the OIT home page at You can find information there to determine your NT username.

If you are having password problems, you can reset your NT password by going to the OIT SelfService page. You cannot use your default NT password to logon to ResNet; it must be changed to a new one.

Certain computer applications which may have previously worked within ResNet may be affected by the firewall system. These may include:
Online gaming, P2P and file transfer applications, voice and video chat, domain name services, web hosting and various other online service hosting.
UT System, UT Arlington, OIT, and UT Arlington Housing have established policies which direct the proper usage of campus computing resources and network bandwidth. You may visit the OIT policy index. If you have questions or concerns regarding these policies, please contact the OIT Help Desk or UT Arlington Housing at x2-2791.


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