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ResNet Connection Testing

If you suspect that your ResNet connection is not functional:

  1. Visit the ResNet home page and familiarize yourself with the documents that correspond to your particular operating system. It would be a good idea to view and print these pages for reference from an OIT computer lab.
  2. Contact the OIT Help Desk. The Help Desk will try to assist you with whatever questions you have regarding any documentation found at the ResNet home page. In order to understand certain terminology, you should be able to identify some basic parts involved in establishing a ResNet connection. Click here for help with identification.
  3. Due to the many different configurations found on privately own computers, troubleshooting a ResNet connection over the phone is very difficult if not impossible. If you have a laptop you should consider taking it to the Central Library for evaluation. If you have a Desktop, you will need to schedule an appointment to have a technician test your connection.

ResNet Connection Testing Overview:

Using a known working laptop and Ethernet cable, the technician will attempt to pull a valid IP address from the DHCP server and establish a connection.

Connection Establish - Your ResNet port is functioning properly, the problem resides with your computer.

Connection Failed - There may be campus network trouble or trouble with campus network hardware.

If your network port is functioning properly a technician will attempt to reconfigure your software should some settings need to be corrected. Anything beyond simple reconfiguration is the responsibility of the user, not OIT. We are responsible for insuring that our equipment functions properly. That includes the campus network and network ports. We are not and will not be held responsible for your privately owned computer.

If your network port is not functioning, Network Services may have to perform further tests and possibly initiate repairs.