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You Are Not Connected to the Internet

System requirements: Mac


You are not connected to the Internet. Safari can't open the page "" because your computer isn't connected to the Internet

How to Get:

  • This issue may occur if you have changed your password.
  • You will have to connect to UTA Wireless Setup to enter new password.


How to Use:

  • When you are presented with no Internet access on a Mac, the browser will say, "You are connected to the Internet. Safari can't open the page "" because your computer isn't connected to the Internet." Such as Below:


  • If the the "802.1X Authentication has failed", the password may have been changed since you last connected to the Internet, such as below:

  • Mac will attempt to verify the Certificate. 
  • You should go to the Airport to connect to "UTAwireless Setup"
  • This will run the UTA setup files to connect to the wireless network and enter your updated UTA NetID and password. Click accept, as seen below:
  • Trust the certificate to connect to the UTA Wireless
  • Select Auto Login to store your UTA NetID and Password for quick reconnections to the UTA wireless in the future. Select Web Login to enter you UTA NetID and password each time you open a web browser to connect to the UTA wireless network. Click Continue, as seen below:
  • Connecting to the Secure Network:
  • Continue for Auto Login 802.1X Authentication as seen below:
  • When you are connected, the message you will receive says, "Successfully Connected" and the Internet will be displayed in a new window, such as below: