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Fastest Wireless Recommendation

To obtain the fastest connection speeds to any wireless network we recommend that you utilize an "802.11a/n" wireless adapter with 5Ghz capability and the benefits of channel bonding. Typically these are called "dual-band 802.11n" adapters. Use a wireless card that is CCX compatible (Cisco Client Extensions).

Cisco Compatible Extensions Client Devices: Click Here 

Cisco Compatible Extensions Versions and Features: Click Here 

Note: Cisco works closely with Intel so Intel dual-band 802.11n adapters are great. Dual-Band 802.11n Broadcom, Ralink, and Atheros adapters also seem to work well.

About the 802.11n standard:

With 802.11n in the 5Ghz band users can bond two 20Mhz channels together into one 40Mhz channel. This increases performance and throughput significantly. (40Mhz channels are only available in the 5Ghz band. Dual band users can be on either 2.4 or 5Ghz.)
Single band (2.4Ghz) "n" devices will see more consistent connections at faster speeds.
Dual band "n" devices will see more consistent connections at much faster speeds.
You can look for the Wi-Fi certified a/b/g/n logo if you are purchasing a new mobile device or laptop. This means that the wireless is compatible with all four standards (often called an a/b/g/n card):



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