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UT Arlington
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UTA Auto Login setup for Chromebooks


Following are instructions for setting up the UTA Auto Login wi-fi network on a Chromebook.

How to Use:

  1. Click on your wifi networks icon to view the list of the available wi-fi networks.
  2. Open the wifi settings and click the "Join Other" button.
  3. Click the "Advanced" button to bring up the full menu of settings for the network.
  4. The SSID is "UTA Auto Login".
  5. The EAP setting is "PEAP".
  6. The Phase 2 Authentication setting is "MSCHAPv2".
  7. The Server CA setting is "Default".
  8. The Certificate setting is "None".
  9. The identity is your NetID, and the password is your NetID password.
  10. Leave the anonymous box blank and click "Connect".
  11. The laptop should now connect to the UTA Auto Login wireless network.

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Apogee MyResNet - All residence halls are now provided internet service through Apogee ResNet. Residents will need to log into to establish an Apogee ResNet user account (see the Get Connected Guide,, to learn more).