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UTA Web Login

System requirements: Linux, Mac, Windows


"UTA Web Login" is the SSID for UTA's WPA2-Personal wireless network. This network utilizes a web redirect for authentication, and WPA2 with PSK for encryption. Once connected, login will be required after launching a web browser. "UTA Web Login" is encrypted, providing a more secure method of connecting via wireless to the campus network than was available in the past.

The purpose of this alternate method of connecting to the wireless network is to allow for shared computers to connect easily without fear of sharing usernames and passwords. It is also provided for older computers, different operating systems, or wireless network card software clients that do not work properly with 802.1x systems.

How to Use:

The settings for the SSID “UTA Web Login” are as follows:
  • WPA2/PSK (WPA2-Personal)
  • Pre-Shared Key: UTAsecret
  • Web Authorization Redirect (browser initiated) Login
  • UTA NetID credentials

UTA Web Login

  1. Open your available wireless connections window and connect to the ‘UTA Web Login’ network.
  2. When asked for a password for the UTA Web Login network, enter “UTAsecret”.  You should only have to enter this password the first time you connect to Web Login.
  3. Open a web browser.  If the login screen for Web Login doesn’t come up at first, attempt to browse to another website and your browser should be redirected to it. If a security warning comes up in your browser, choose the option to continue anyway and the Web Login screen should come up.
  4. At the Web Login screen, enter your NetID and password.  If your username and password are accepted you’ll be redirected to the OIT Online Terms of Service page.  You may browse to any other website after being taken to this page.

Some systems having more involved configuration details are discussed in the following links:

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Apogee MyResNet - All residence halls are now provided internet service through Apogee ResNet. Residents will need to log into to establish an Apogee ResNet user account (see the Get Connected Guide,, to learn more).