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Office of Information Technology (OIT)

UT Arlington
OIT: Office of Information Technology

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Desktop Hardware Support

OIT Desktop Support provides hardware support for Faculty, Staff and Departments at UT Arlington.

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New Computers

Desktop support recommends that new computers have at least a dual core processor and 4GB of RAM.  The Dell and Apple machines listed in the Volume Purchase Agreement meet OIT minimum standards for campus machines, and are capable of running UT Arlington supported software.

Desktop support strongly recommends selected models of Dell or Apple computers, as these are fully supported.  Machines from other vendors may have limitations on the hardware and software we can support. 

Desktop Support offers full support for Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6, and Windows 7 32 and 64-bit.

Desktop Support also offers recommendations for machines not currently on the bulk purchase, and can help match your needs to the best machine.

If you have questions or needs which are not met by the current Volume Purchase Agreement, or want to verify that a computer meets the Desktop Support standards before purchase, please contact the Help Desk and a Desktop Technician will respond as soon as possible.

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Computer Upgrades

Desktop support provides research, recommendations, and assistance in purchasing for upgrades to existing systems. Our technicians are skilled in working with our clients to assist in assessing if a system should be upgraded or replaced. Items we frequently specify are RAM, hard drives, optical drives, video cards, displays, and other accessories.  Contact us, we will be pleased to assist you.

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New Printers

Desktop Support recommends HP network printers and multifunction copier-printers that are durable, cost effective, and use industry-standard drivers. Our Volume Purchase Agreement page outlines units that meet our criteria. These include:

  • Integrated Networking
  • Universal PostScript Language Compatibility for 
        Windows Server 2008 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit, and Mac OS X
  • Duplex Printing
  • 3-year on-site warranty repair.
  • Scan to E-Mail (SMTP) for Multifunction Units

If a unit listed in our volume-purchase list does not fully meet your needs, contact us and we will be happy to build a quote for you. 

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Setting Up A Computer

For supported computers that are UT Arlington Assets, OIT provides imaging, which includes our standard set of software. For computers that are UT Arlington Assets, which are not supported, we can install our standard software, where applicable. When you receive your new computer, please submit a request at Service Now

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Setting Up A New Printer

For network printers that meet our specifications, OIT provides print queues on one of our secure servers to facilitate efficient printing by many users. For network printers that do not meet the standards for print queues, they can be set up for direct printing via TCP/IP. Because of security issues, OIT does not permit workstation print sharing of local or network printers. For printers that are not networkable, we can assist you in setting the unit up directly to your computer. When your new printer arrives, please submit a request at Service Now

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Adding New Hardware

Macintosh and Windows systems provide automatic installation of external hardware through plug and play support. For supported computers that are UT Arlington Assets, OIT can install items such as memory, internal drives, video card, and other items. If you need assistance in this area, please submit a request at Service Now

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Moving or Repurposing A Computer

For computers that are UT Arlington Assets, OIT can assist in preparing a system for use by another person in your department, or for use by another department. For more information, please submit a request at Service Now

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Warranty Repairs and Support

For Apple Macintosh and Dell computers that are UT Arlington Assets, OIT Desktop support provides certified, in-warranty repairs at no cost to the department. Coverage is determined by the warranty of the individual unit. For more information, please submit a request at Service Now

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Non-Warranty Repairs

OIT Desktop Support provides non-warranty repairs for supported systems that are UT Arlington Assets. For repairs that are completed in house, repairs are provided for the cost of parts. For non-supported UT Arlington Assets, OIT can facilitate the repairs by a third party. In such cases, the department will be responsible for parts and labor. For more information, please submit a request at Service Now

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Printer Repairs

OIT Desktop facilitates HP printer repairs for printers that are in warranty and out of warranty through HP or other outside vendors. Repairs that are covered under warranty, are completed at no charge to the department. Presently, for supported HP printers, OIT covers the labor for repairs we facilitate, and the department is responsible for the parts. For unsupported printers, Desktop is happy to facilitate the repair order, but the department is responsible for the parts and labor. For more information, please submit a request at Service Now

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Network Troubleshooting and Setup

OIT Desktop Support provides network set up of supported devices on UT Arlington network and first-line troubleshooting of issues as they arise. For more information, please submit a request at Service Now

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Preparing Computer Items for Surplus

UT Arlington requires that computer disks be securely wiped of data before recycling to prevent identity theft. This means computers must be securely wiped before sending them to surplus. To this end, UT Arlington department is responsible for its computers. The use of secure wiping software such as DBAN is a means of ensuring due diligence in this area. For more information on using DBAN, see our Using DBAN page.

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Sending Computer Items to Surplus

Once properly prepared for transfer to Surplus (for more information: see Preparing Computer Items for Surplus in the above section), Departments must follow UT Arlington procedures for transfer of UT Arlington Assets. For more information, see the UT Arlington Business Affairs and Controller page on Inventory Management.  

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