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Outgoing Email Limit

Beginning 6/20/2012 - Due to an increase in spam being sent out from Faculty/Staff Exchange email accounts, there will now be a limit on the number of outgoing messages that can be sent per user, during a certain time period. This limit has been introduced to reduce the number of messages sent from compromised accounts. Once the outgoing message limit has been reached each additional email will bounce back to the sender with information about how to resolve the issue.

We realize that there may be situations where this outgoing limit would need to be temporarily or permanently removed for business or other mission critical reasons.

Unfortunately for security reasons we no longer allow users to remove the outgoing mail limits from their individual email accounts.  You are more than welcome to utilize a resource mail account (ex., for this purpose, and we'll be more than glad to remove the outbound limit. If you need a resource account please contact

If you have requested to be added to the outgoing email limit exclusion list there are a few things you need to be made aware of. 

  • UT Arlington staff will never request that you submit your username (NetID) and/or passwords via email.
  • The Information Security Office also suggests that you keep in mind the following guidelines:
    • Do not provide a NetID and password in email.
    • Do not respond to emails that require you to enter personal or financial information directly into the email.
    • Do not reply to emails asking you to send personal information.
    • Do not use your email address as your password.
    • Do not respond to emails threatening to close your account if you do not provide personal information.

Failure to follow these procedures can result in your account being compromised and you will be removed from the email exclusion list until such time as you can receive training to prevent this from happening again.  For more information, or to clarify anything on this page, please email