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E-mail Encryption

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The UTA email system has the capability of allowing faculty and staff to encrypt e-mail that is sent to individuals not affiliated with the University or off-campus email accounts (i.e. Yahoo, Google, Hotmail).

Short training videos are available at OIT's Help Desk You Tube Page

The features of the E-mail Encryption system include:

  • UT Arlington faculty/staff will be able to encrypt sensitive e-mail and attachments (if included) to recipients outside of UT Arlington e-mail domain.
  • External recipients of encrypted e-mails will receive a message in their current email box that they have received mail from UT Arlington and will be directed to link to a secure Internet website to retrieve the email.
  • Recipients will be required to register and login to the e-mail encryption systems before being able to view or reply to secure email(s).
  • Recipients will have the ability to reply to an encrypted e-mail received including file attachments. the reply message to an encrypted email, while logged in at the e-mail encryption web site, will be encrypted automatically.
  • The way for a UTA recipient to tell whether a message was sent using the Secure Email service is to look for "Encrypt" somewhere in the Subject line. If "Encrypt" is in the Subject line, the email was routed through the Secure Email server.
  • UTA senders should always include "Encrypt" in the subject when sending Prohibited, Restricted, or Confidential Data via email. Even if the original message is sent to a presumably trusted domain, the sender cannot be sure of the automatic mail-forwarding settings of the recipient. Including "Encrypt" in the subject ensures that the message will be encrypted if the recipient's mail leaves UTA.
  • You do not need to register your UTA Email account in order to read secure email. It arrives in your Inbox as any other message. Email sent within the UTA email system is already encrypted.

How does E-mail Encryption work?

E-mail encryption at the UT Arlington works in the following manner:

  1. The sender designates that the e-mail should be encrypted by adding the text encrypt (not case sensitive, no bracket required) anywhere in the subject line of the e-mail. The remainder of the subject and the body of the e-mail can be typed normally and attachments can be added.
  2. The e-mail system recognizes that the e-mail should be encrypted and then sends it out an encrypted attachment.
  3. The e-mail system sends the recipient an email notification that they have received a encrypted e-mail from someone at UT Arlington. This e-mail directs them to open the attachment to view or save the encrypted message.
  4. The recipient opens the attachment and is prompted to provide their password. (If this is the first time the recipient has received a secure e-mail, they will need to complete a one-time registration process first.)

Known Issues:

  • OWA - Outlook Web Access can not open an encrypted e-mail messages (attachments). There will be a link in the encrypted e-mail notification instructing you to forward the email to receive a URL that will then allow you to login to view the encrypted message on the web.
  • Personal E-mail Accounts - To view encrypted messages and instructions, recipients using personal e-mail accounts will need to either view or download and open this attachment, depending on the mail client (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo!, etc.) that they are using.
  • Spam - Encrypted emails may go to junk folder depending on the personal mail client, see above. Users may need to release the email, mark as "Not Spam", or add it to their safe sender list.