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Sample of an Encrypted E-mail Notification

Sample of an Encrypted E-mail Notification Message

UT Arlington faculty and staff who use the e-mail encryption system should consider sending a notification e-mail or letter to potential recipients before sending them their first encrypted e-mail.  This will alert them that you will be using e-mail encryption system to communicate with them and explain how they can correspond with you in a secure manner. Please note that, if you send the pre-notification message via e-mail, we recommend that you send it as a normal, non-encrypted e-mail, with a normal subject.

A sample pre-notification message is provided below and can be customized as needed:

Subject: I will be sending you another e-mail from The University of Texas in Arlington

Dear <insert recipient's name>:

To protect the confidentiality of sensitive information contained in future electronic mail, I may be sending you an encrypted e-mail using the UT Arlington's e-mail encryption system. This system uses encryption to protect the information from being viewed by someone else as it is transmitted across the Internet.

Here is how the e-mail encryption system works:

  1. The first time you receive an encrypted e-mail from me, please check your spam and junk mail folder and mark Not Spam. You will be invited to register with the e-mail encryption  system by creating a password that you will use each time you view a secure email from UTA. If the Register button is not displayed, leave the password field empty, and click the Open button to begin the registration process.
    For more help about opening an encrypted e-mail please visit - You can reset a lost password by clicking on the link "Forgot password?" and you will enter your email address and continue for a temporary password to be sent to your email account. Once you receive the new temporary password follow the instructions in the e-mail to create a new password.
  2. When I send you additional encrypted e-mail, you will receive an e-mail with an encrypted attachment from me.
  3. To read my encrypted message simply download and open the attachment and enter your password. You will then be able to view the message and reply back to me (if needed).
  4. Once you have registered, you will only need to click to open the attachment and enter your password to view future secure messages from me.

If you would like more information about the e-mail encryption system at UT Arlington, please visit

Thank you,

<sender signature>