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Exchange 2013 Upgrade


If you are requesting to move early and use a Mac to access your email through an email client (i.e., Outlook for Mac, Mail app) and access resource or departmental mailboxes (i.e.,,, you will not be able to access the resource or departmental mailbox until your entire department has been migrated to the new 2013 Exchange Server.

Microsoft Exchange 2013


OIT provides mailboxes on Microsoft Exchange for all faculty and staff. We are upgrading this service from version 2007 to 2013. This brings a rich and efficient messaging platform with access to email, calendars, contacts, tasks, and shared resources. It will continue to be integrated with UTA’s identification and authentication service.

All UTA mailboxes will begin migration to the new environment in Spring 2016.

Our goal is to improve email performance and deliver to the UTA community without sacrificing usability or stability. Department cohorts will be moved together to ensure continuation of shared resources.

After the upgrade, calendar sharing will be easier and users will experience a safer, bigger, faster, and more stable mail experience. Outlook Web App will also get a much needed makeover.

Overall, this upgrade will mean a better mail experience.

When will this take place:

February 2016 Pilot Group - OIT’s mailboxes will be migrated to the new environment
March 2016 OIT will continue the migration of other departments


Prepare your Mailbox for Migration

To prepare your mailbox for the Exchange 2013 Migration, please organize and manage your current mailbox by archiving and deleting unwanted or unneeded emails.

Update If you are running Outlook 2007, be sure to update to Outlook 2010 or more recent. On UTA owned computers, Desktop Support can assist with the updating of the software.
Delete           Quickly review your inbox and determine which messages you do not need to keep (this may include calendar invites, email chains, or random subscription-based advertisements).
File               Organize files in folders or use flags to indicate the importance of the emails
Archive                 Archive files in a location on your computer or in Box