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Determine Your Network Drive or Server

System requirements: Windows


This page provides instructions for finding your UT Arlington network drive name or server name on a PC.  Please contact the Help Desk for Mac users.

How to Use:

You need to know where your home folders are located in order to connect to the correct server. Below are the instructions on how to look up this information.

  1. If you are not on the UTA domain, establish a VPN connection (off campus) or connect via UTA Wireless Network (on campus).
  2. Go to Start, select Run, type command and hit Enter or click OK.
  3. Type net user NetID /domain and hit Enter where NetID is your actual NetID. In this example, the NetID jpublic is being used.

    net user

    If the command is executed successfully, you will see something similar to the screen below:

    net user screen

  4. Locate the line that reads Home directory. This line will tell you on which server your J: and/or K: drive is housed. In this example, that server name is sweeper.