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Secure FTP with Fugu for Mac OS X

System requirements: Mac


This page provides instructions on using secure FTP with Fugu.

How to Use:

  1. Click on the file name to download Fugu software.
  2. Mount the image on your Desktop. Drag the Fugu program to your Applications folder or wherever else you wish to install program.
  3. Double-lick the Fugu icon to begin.


  4. When prompted, enter the following information:

    Connect To: enter the server name you are trying to connect to.  If you do not know to which server you need to connect, review the information on the main FTP page.

    Username: enter your NetID. If you are connecting to a server other than Omega and Gamma, enter uta\ in front of your NetID.

    Port: set this to 22

    Click Connect.


  5. When prompted for the password type in your NetID password. Your password must not be expired. You can verify the validity of your password and/or choose a new password at the Self Service page. After entering your password, click Authenticate.


  6. You should then be logged into the server and able to view your files. You may have to go up to the menu bar and select SFTP and then Show Hidden Files to see all of your files.


Known Issues:

These instructions are intended for users running Mac operating system.