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FTP with SSH Secure File Transfer Client

System requirements: Windows


This page provides instructions on using FTP with the Secure File Transfer Client.

How to Get:

Download and install SSH Secure Shell client:

How to Use:

  1. Two icons will be added to your Desktop  - SSH Secure Shell Client and SSH (equivalent to Telnet) and Secure File Transfer Client (equivalent to FTP).  Double-click the SSH Secure File Transfer Client.


  2. Click on Quick Connect from the main SSH Secure File Transfer window.


  3. For Host Name enter the name of the server you wish to access, either or

    Enter your NetID for the User Name field.

    Port Number should be 22.

    Set Authentication Method: to Password and click Connect


  4. If asked if you wish to save the Host Identification key, choose No. This will avoid any problems with the host key should the local database become corrupt.
  5. When you receive a message from the server click OK to continue.


  6. When prompted, enter your password for the server to which you are trying to connect. You password must not be expired. You can verify the validity of your password and/or choose a new password at the Self Service page.

    Click OK to login.


  7. You should now be connected to the Linux server you specified as Host.  To end your session click the Disconnect icon.


  8. When asked to confirm the disconnect click OK.