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What is UTA Box?

Box online storage is like a hard drive in the cloud. Store documents and files in Box and then access them anywhere, anytime, from any device. Box also can sync files from your local hard disk automatically providing a backup that will always be available from other computers and devices. All UTA faculty and staff have access to 25GB of storage in Box and can view and access their content anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Features & Benefits

With UTA Box, you have access to simple, fast, online collaboration and content sharing. You can collaborate and share important content anywhere, anytime, on any device: desktop, laptop, phone or tablet.

What are the advantages of online file sharing and storage systems like UTA Box — in an academic setting?

UTA Box lets you connect with content from any desktop, laptop, phone or tablet.

  • See the latest versions of recently updated files while you're on the go
  • Send project files just by emailing a link. Faculty and students quickly and easily share assignments — in a few clicks.
  • Answer assignment questions directly on UTA Box, eliminating email clutter and repeated responses to the same query
  • Put documents and pictures on UTA Box, then access from a school computer or your tablet. No more lugging your laptop. Eliminates email clutter and saves space on your hard drive, too.

What kind of files can I put on UTA Box?

With UTA Box, you can collaborate and share any kind of content; even large videos or presentations. It’s quick and easy to:

  • Send a link instantly, just by pasting it into an email or IM. Even send directly from UTA Box.
  • Share a whole folder of files by creating a new folder, uploading files and inviting others to join
  • Receive real-time updates, so you know when someone’s viewed, edited or commented on your file

UTA Box is like a J:\ drive in the cloud?

With UTA Box, you store files online in the cloud – then access them anywhere, anytime, from any device:

  • Get 25GB free, store all your files online, then organize them into folders — just like on your desktop. Share instantly by sending a link.
  • View and access content on demand. Whether you’re in New England or New Zealand, you’re never out of touch with critical content.
  • Convenience and peace of mind: Throwing thumb drives in your bag, transferring files to CDs, stressing about a stolen laptop, flood or fire — those days are over. With UTA Box, you store important content online.

The Box Sync application ensures files from your local hard disk will be backed up automatically — and always be available from other computers and devices.


How much data can I store in my UTA Box account?

You’ll receive 25GB of storage space.

Can I increase my storage space?

At this time, 25GB is the maximum size for accounts.

How is my quota usage calculated?

Any file or folder that you upload or create will count against your quota usage. This includes any files that are placed (by you or your collaborators) inside shared folders created by you. Your quota usage also includes any files that you may have deleted that are still in the Trash.

With UTA Box, can I share files with people inside and outside school?

Definitely. You simply share content with a person's email address. This may be a fellow colleague at another institution or a contact with an external email address.

Security and Accessibility

Are my files and data safe on UTA Box?

UTA Box is a leader in content-management security. Its robust and sophisticated security suite includes:

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Data encryption using 256-bit SSL
  • SSAE 16 Type II
  • Safe Harbor Certification
  • Role-based access controls
  • All data centers include biometric entry authentication and 24/7 armed guards.
  • UTA Box Sync’s encrypted authorization token technology keeps user data secure and works seamlessly with existing desktop encryption systems

HIPAA Protected Data

HIPAA protected data cannot be stored or shared using Box at this time.

How long will my UTA Box account be available?

Users who have a current active faculty/staff affiliation will keep their account for the duration of the UTA Box contract agreement — or until they are no longer active faculty/staff (whichever is sooner).

What happens to my files on UTA Box if I leave school?

Upon leaving, users will have 30 days to transfer files into a private UTA Box account. After 30 days, your account will be deactivated and files will no longer be available.

How do I access UTA Box?

Use the login you were sent when you requested your UTA Box account with your current password from the following link:

Alternatively, you may use Box Sync client to manage your Box content from your desktop and/or your mobile device. For more information please visit

How to get Box Sync client:

Please note that the Box Sync feature can copy files from a box account to folders on your computer. It should not be used on non-encrypted or non-University owned devices.  This is to prevent unauthorized users (e.g. family members or friends) from viewing sensitive University data on personal devices.


Cloud based application, no installation needed. Instructions for Box Sync Client located at: