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Brown University tn3270 X 3.2

Last Review:

Available To:

  • Faculty (currently appointed) and Staff
  • Departments and Offices at UT Arlington

Vendor: Brown University

Product: tn3270 X

Version: 3.2

Standard Software Supported By: Desktop

OIT Support Levels: Partial

Download: Brown University tn3270 X 3.2 Size: 10 MB

Function: TN3270 software to connect to the Define application at UT Austin.

System Requirements: OIT Required

  • Base OS: Mac
  • OS Version: 10.4

System Requirements: Manufacturer Minimum

  • Base OS: Mac
  • OS Version: 10.4

Known Issues: Customers who can successfully logon to Bevoware using his or her UT EID and do not see TN3270X to download have an entitlement issue with his or her UT EID. The customer needs to address the entitlement issue with his or her departmental supervisor. This is not an IT issue.


  1. Download software.
  2. Log in using your UT EID and password and click "Agree."
  3. If necessary, change the platform to Mac OS X and click "GO."
  4. Under Utilities, download "TN3270 3.2.4 with STunnel" and install.
  5. There will be a "Connect to Mainframe" in your Applications folder.
  6. See UT System Instructions.


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