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Obtaining and Installing Cygwyn/X

System requirements: Windows


The instructions on this page describe how to download and install Cygwin/X (X11-equipped Cygwin) in order to access programs running natively on a remote Linux server.

How to Get:

Cygwin is Open source and freely available from

How to Use:

  1. Go to with a Web browser.  This example uses IE 9.

    Click install product button

  2. Scroll down the page and click on setup.exe.
    Select ok

  3. At the bottom of the page, click on run.
    Click I Agree and Next

  4. Click Next to start the installation on your computer.
    To continue, click next

  5. Click Next to accept the default source.
    Ackowledge license agreement

  6. Click Next to continue with the default directory.  Don't try to install in '\Program Files\Cygwin' - Cygwin doesn't like spaces in the file names.
    Select features

  7. Click Next to use the indicated directory.

  8. Click Next to use the default connection.
    Follow screen instructions

  9. Select a repository to download from and Next to continue.

  10. Unless you're upgrading from a much older version, click OK to continue.
    To continue, click next

  11. Click on Default  next to the X11 entry to install all the X11 software.
    Click next

  12. After you click on Default, it will change to Install as shown in the highlight.
    Click Next

  13. Expand the tree by clicking on the + next to Net as indicated in the highlight.
    Click exit to continue

  14. Include OpenSSH, by clicking on Skip as indicated by the highlight, then click on Next.
    click ok

  15. Click on Next to install any additional dependencies.
    Click exit to continue

  16. Progress bar.  The installation takes a few minutes.

    To continue, click next

  17. This error doesn't affect operation.  Click Next.

    To continue, click next

  18. Uncheck this box to avoid putting an icon on the desktop.

    To continue, click next

  19. Windows 7 firewall exception.  If this appears, click on Allow Access.

    To continue, click next

  20. The Xterm window.

    To continue, click next

  21. Command line to log into gamma. 

    To continue, click next

  22. Accept the authentication failure and continue to connect to gamma.

    To continue, click next

  23. Logged in to gamma.  Xclock is a simple X11 program used to test the connection and X-forwarding.

    To continue, click next

  24. Xclock running.  This is the result we are seeking.

    To continue, click next


Known Issues:

Doesn't run on some of the older versions of Windows, such as NT or Win95