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Freedom Scientific MAGic 12

Last Review:

Available To:

  • Students Admitted to UT Arlington

Vendor: Freedom Scientific

Product: MAGic

Version: 12

Standard Software Supported By: Labs

OIT Support Levels: Minimal


MAGic is a software solution ideally suited for computer users with low vision, or anyone who spends extended periods of time in front of a computer screen. MAGic lets you magnify your computer screen from 1 to 16 times its usual size. You can choose from a number of different adjustable views that let you see both a magnified and unmagnified portion of the screen at the same time. Speech features assist you in processing the information on your screen. MAGic can read text that you type or point at with the mouse. MAGic moves the magnified area of the screen so you always see the text being read and highlights words as they are spoken. Mouse and cursor enhancements help you track the location of the mouse pointer and cursor on the screen. You can choose from a wide variety of enhancement styles. MAGic lets you change the color of these enhancements, apply transparency effects, adjust their size, and more. Color enhancements let you change how colors display on your screen. You can create rules that replace one color with another or switch two colors. You can also apply color tinting; make your screen black-and-white (monochrome), and invert the brightness and colors of your display. Other MAGic features track elements of your screen, such as the mouse pointer, dialog boxes, and so on. The Locator feature provides you with a way to quickly find and move to different areas of the screen. The MAGic multi-directional panning system gives you complete control with adjustable speed, direction, stop and start, and screen navigation controls.

System Requirements: Mfg. Minimum

  • Base OS: Windows
  • OS Version: 7
  • Processor: 1.5 GHz or higher
  • RAM: 4 GB recommended
  • Hard Disk Total Size: 1.6 GB

System Requirements: OIT Required

  • Base OS: Windows
  • OS Version: 7
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz or higher
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Hard Disk Total Size: 1.6 GB

Known Issues:

The 'How To Get This' does not work if the computer is not in the UTA domain.


How to Get:

Authorized Personnel may perform the following steps to install Magic

Set environmental variable before installing MAGic