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Network Authorization View or Change on Rhino Client

System requirements: None, Windows


Listed below in the How To Use This section are instructions to follow  so one may view the Rhino client's authenticating server name or change the client's authenticating server.

How to Use:

Set Zoo Server

McNeel software the manufacturer of Rhinoceros provides a tool called SetZooServer.exe that one may use to view or change the authenticating license server that the Rhino client uses.  It may be found at .  Listed below are the steps to follow when using this tool.

  1. Login to the target machine as an Administrator
  2. Download  the SetZooServer.exe to a convenient location.
  3. Right-click the SetZooServer.exe file and select Run as Administrator.  Disregard the Security warning, if it appears, by clicking its run button.
  4. A window labeled Zoo server will appear. The current license server being used will be listed
  5. If the server being used by your Rhinoceros 4 client isn't displaying the lm-rhino4 in the Title Bar, then type lm-rhino4 in the provided field.
  6. Then click on the Set button.
  7. Close the Window and the Rhino applications should authenticate to the new server.
  8. Launch the Rhino application to verify a successful license server reassignment.