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Office of Information Technology (OIT)

UT Arlington
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SCCM Server Migration

Client migration schedule from SCCM:

Phase 1 - 19 June    ARDC SysAdmin Network  Network Headquarter    GilStrap / SAC / OCB / Affirmative Action

Phase 1 - 21 June  Social Work Complex  General Academic Classroom Building Pickard Hall - DHCP ONLY  Pickard Hall - DHCP ONLY  Pickard Hall - DHCP ONLY  Pickard Hall - Static ONLY  MAC (Activities)

Phase 2 - 26 June    Nedderman Hall - 1st and 2nd  Nedderman Hall - 1st and 2nd  Nedderman Hall - 1st and 2nd  Nedderman Hall - 3rd and 4th floor  Nedderman Hall - 5th and 6th floor    Nedderman Hall LAB  Engineering Laboratory Building  Woolf Hall - Fink's Lab  Woolf Hall - Hutch's Lab  Woolf Hall  Woolf Hall - DHCP ONLY

Phase 2 - 28 June   Geo Science   University Center   University Center - DHCP ONLY MavExpress Office  MavExpress MavNet  Science Hall - DHCP ONLY  Science Hall  Preston Hall  Ransom Hall  Carlisle Hall  Hammond / Trimble Hall - DHCP ONLY  Hammond / Trimble Hall - Static ONLY  Chemistry Research Building  Chemistry and Physics Building - DHCP ONLY  Chemistry and Physics Building - Static ONLY  College Hall  Health Center  Thermal Energy Plant

Phase 3 - 3 July  Library - Internet Cafe / English Writing Lab  Library - Public (DHCP)  Library - Public  Library - Staff (DHCP ONLY)  Library - Staff (Static ONLY)  Library Life Science - DHCP ONLY  Life Science - Static ONLY Testing Center Lab (Univ Hall)  Business - Classroom  Business - DHCP ONLY  Business - DHCP ONLY  Business, College of - Labs  Business, College of

Phase 3 - 5 July Follett Bookstore  Wade Bldg / Bank  Watson / FAA  CIA Center for Innovation Arlington  College Park Complex  Aerospace Research Center  Continuing Ed Complex (CEDWD/TTC/DED)  NanoFab Technology Building Campus Center (Nano/Arch Annex)  Architecture  Fine Arts - DHCP ONLY  Fine Arts - Lab (Static ONLY)  Fine Arts - Non Lab  Smart Hospital/POCA

Phase 4 - 7 July  Physical Education  Swift Center  Enviromental Health / Sweet Center  Civil Engineering Lab Bldg (CELB)  Police Wetsel Central Services - DHCP ONLY  Wetsel Central Services  UTARI Robotics Institute  UTA Fort Worth Center - Santa Fe  Davis Hall 3rd Fl - STATIC ONLY  Davis Hall  Davis Hall ERB - A1,A2 ERB - A3,A4 ERB - A5,A6 ERB - B1,B2 ERB - B3,B4 ERB - B5,B6 ERB - C1,C2 ERB - C3,C4  Echo360 Classroom Capture