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Pharos Uniprint 9.0 Windows Client Installation for Student Mobile Printing

System requirements: Windows


The Pharos Uniprint 9.0 Windows client for Student Mobile Printing is intended to allow students to print from their laptops on campus to standard Black and White or Color laser printers located a various convent locations on campus.  To take advantage of this service the "Student Mobile Printer" package must be installed on a laptop.  This package will install two printers, a popup program, and the Pharos uninstall program. 

How to Get:

The following assumes a laptop with a standard Windows installation and is connected the campus network via Ethernet, wireless, or VPN

NOTE: Uninstall any existing Pharos Uniprint Printer Packages prior to installing the new package, for details see:
Windows Uninstall

32bit download - 64bit download - Universal binary download - This program will run a small program that will install the proper "Student Mobile Printing - B&W and Color" package for your OS. Please note this  link will only work when connected to the campus network.

Screen capture From the "File Download - Security Warning" window click the "Run" button.
Screen Capture From the "Internet Explorer - Security Warning" window click the "Run" button.
Screen Capture From the "Package SMP Installer." window click the "Accept" button.
[Note I believe OIT's intent is to give *Full Support* and to even aggressively promote this service so this message will change.]
Screen Capture On the "Package SMP installer." windows click the "Install" button.
Screen Capture On the "Package SMP installer." window click the "Finish" button to finish.
Screen capture

Once the installation is complete you should be able to see "Start" > "All Programs" > "Pharos" > "Uninstall Pharos".  Also under  "Start"  > "Printers and Faxes" you should see two new printers "Student Mobile Printing BW",  and "Student Mobile Printing Color".   If no other printers exist then "Student Laptop Printing Color" should be set to the default.   To set SMP BW as the default,  right click on SLP BW and select "Set as Default Printer".  SMP BW should now indicate it is the default printer. Known Issues are below.

Known Issues:

Packages can only be downloaded when client is on the campus network. This is an intended security function. For more information on connecting to the campus network see: Network Connections

It has been reported that under Windows 7 Starter only one printer icon will appear. Usually the "Student Mobile Printing Color".  However, both "Student Mobile Printing BW" and "Student Mobile Printing Color" appears when selecting a printer from within a program.  There is currently no resolution to this issue.