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How to Print from Your Laptop - Windows Usage

System requirements: Windows


Using the Student Mobile Printers

Screen Capture

The Pharos managed printers behave just like any other networked Windows printer with the following exception.  Before a print job is sent to a printer a popup "Print Job Details" window will appear. 

In the "Please enter your NetID" text box, enter your NetID and confirm it, "xyz7890" was used in this example 

Enter some text in the "Please enter a name for this job" text box, "Assignment 12" is used in the example. 

<This maybe a good place to put password info>
Screen Capture

A balloon message should appear indicating the print job name and estimated cost.

 If you have insufficient founds to pay for the print job you should see < get text description of error>
For more information on job costs, initial quotas, and adding funds please go to <paste quota url>

<insufficient funds picture to be determined>

Screen Capture

Next go to any SMP location and release your job. For a list of SMP location see "SMP" column of: Printers. Release stations are confidently located near printers. To release a print job:

At release station wiggle the mouse if the "Welcome" screen is showing, a screen save is showing, or if it appears to be asleep.

Screen Capture

Type in your Username. Note: Print jobs will appear under the username used in prior steps. "xyx7890" was used in our example.

Screen Capture

You should then see a "Please swipe card" screen. Pease swipe MavExpress card as requested.

Screen Capture

A list of print jobs and a print quota balance should be displayed.  If you do *not* see any jobs there are three usually reasons. 1) You printed to a different type of printer and it cannot be released from this station. For example a color job cannot be released from a black and white only release station. 2) No jobs are listed under the username supplied. 3) Job was submitted more than 2 hour ago and has been auto-deleted.

Screen Capture Once job is printed it should be removed from the list, a message should indicate that where the job has printed, and a new balance should be displayed.