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Obtaining and Installing MathCAD Licenses

System requirements: Windows


A floating license of MathCAD allows the MathCAD program to be installed on any number of Desktop computers connected to the network however a license server allows only as many Desktops to concurrently run the software as there are licenses for the software. For example if there were 75 licenses of the software and 150 Desktop computers with the software installed on them then the floating license would allow only 75 of the those computers to run the software at any one given time. If a 76th computer tried to run the software they would get an message from the license server on the network that indicated that all the license were busy and to try back later.

The MathCAD Floating License and License Server are maintained by OIT for use on UTA inventoried computers for use on Faculty, Staff, and Lab Computers.

How to Get:

Contact OIT Help Desk to place a software installation request for this application. Please be prepared to provide your NetID, and the inventory number of the PC where the software will be installed.

A technician will contact you to make arrangements for the software's installation.

How to Use:

    Manual Install instructions for Authorized Personnel

  • Install MSXML 4.0 SP2
  • MathCAD 14-M035 install media is available at [\\network-share\software\PTC|file://\\network-share\software\PTC]
  • Run setup.exe
  • Follow screen prompt, click "Mathcad"
  • Make sure "Enterprise" is select, click "Next" to use PTC FLEXnet licensing
  • Select "Typical" installation (you can create silent installation package), click next
  • Click next to continue (the green progress bar does not go all the way to the end to indicate installation in completed)
  • Click Exit to end installation
  • Start Mathcad to start license setup wizard
  • Enter "" in the Server Name to Use a license server, accept the server port 7788


Authenticating to another license server

If  you are in need of correcting a license server connection on a MathCAD installation please go here.  

Known Issues: