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Office of Information Technology (OIT)

UT Arlington
OIT: Office of Information Technology

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Active Jobs

The publish queue is shared by everyone who uses the CMS. Depending on traffic, it may take longer than you expect to see the published changes you make to your website. If you don't see your changes on the website, check the publishing queue to see if it contains your publishing job. The publishing jobs are processed FIFO - first in, first out. Re-submitted jobs are added at the end of the queue. Please don't clog up the queue with redundant publish requests.

Be smart, check the publishing queue!

Go to Tools >> Publisher >> Active Jobs. You will be able to watch the progress of all jobs spooling through the publish queue.


Please publish large collections [100+ pages] after hours!

Large collections of files should be published after hours (after 5:30 p.m. or before 6 a.m.). Large publish jobs may delay another user's time-sensitive publish job and can also put a load on the server, affecting overall system performance. When possible, publish a page or a smaller group of files.

Publishing to the Test Server

The test server allows you and others on Campus to review your website content before it goes live. When you are given your site, your only publishing destination is the TEST Destination. To view your site on the test server, type into the browser. is only accessible from campus. Use VPN to access the site from off-campus.

"Going Live" with Your Site

Notify your site's Cascade Server project lead when you are ready to "go live". The project lead will prepare and coordinate the "go live" checklist tasks.

"Go Live" Checklist

  1. Cursory review of your site and, if necessary, make minor suggestions (UCOMM)
  2. Setting up the PROD destination (OIT)
  3. If you are using WEBDAV to maintain your site,, control over published content will be switched to Cascade Server (OIT)
  4. If your site,, is a new URL, deletion of old content in other locations needs to be discussed. (OIT)
  5. Redirects regarding old and new sites need to be discussed and implemented. (OIT)

OIT will perform the initial launch of your site.

In the future you will see two destinations when publishing: TEST Destination and PROD Destination. The PROD Destination server is the "real" server  hosting your website. To view your site on the production server, type into the browser.