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X-Win32 is an X Window System server for Microsoft Windows, produced by StarNet Communications.

How to Get:

Download and install X-Win32 from here

How to Use:


  1. After installing and running X-Win32 for the first time you will need to run the wizard by clicking on the Wizard Button.
  2. Enter a name (for example, X-Win32) and select ssh as Type and then click Next.

  3. For Host, enter and then click Next.

  4. Enter your username and password for the Gamma server. You must have already changed your password to something other than the default password in order to log on to Gamma this way. Click Next.

  5. Select Linux for Host Command. The Command line should read: /usr/bin/xterm –ls Once you have confirmed this, click Finish.

  6. Select the name you created in Step 2 and click the Launch Button.

  7. When X-Win32 attempts to connect to the Gamma server, Gamma will send you its key fingerprint. You can either answer Yes or No. It is preferred that you answer No. This will prevent problems from occurring should anything change with the server’s key fingerprint in the future. Answering No will require you to respond to this security alert every time you connect to Gamma. Answering Yes will not harm your system.

  8. In this example we are going to use Cadence. In order to do so, we’ll have to run the following command at the prompt you see after logging in to Gamma:

    source /usr/local/cadence/00setup.cdk

    After entering that command, press the Enter key.

  9. At the next prompt, type in:

    icfb &

    and then press the enter key.Wait while Cadence loads.

  10. When Cadence is done loading you will see several open Windows. You are now connected to Gamma and can begin using Cadence as you would from a HP Workstation.