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WWW2 & WWW3 Web Server Retirement

UT Arlington web servers WWW2 and WWW3 will be retired on Dec. 31, 2010. All websites on these servers will need to be moved to a new server by Nov. 1, 2010.

Project Implementation Steps Target Date Status
Provide General Campus Notification      5/27/2010     Complete   
Provide department head with a list of affected WWW2/WWW3 websites. Request indication of sites that can be deleted or else specify a website manager. 9/1/2010 Complete
Create a ticket to interact with website managers through the completion of their website migration. 9/17/2010 Complete
End website migration.
10/31/2010 In Progress
Decommission old servers. 12/31/2010  

Important Notices:

  • The new Windows web server runs the latest Microsoft web server technology (IIS 7.5) which no longer supports FrontPage extensions.
  • Websites that utilize Microsoft FrontPage extensions will break when moved to the new server.
  • Departments will need to start the migration process as early as possible to ensure pages are successfully redesigned using updated web coding.
  • Updating and/or reengineering the web sites to run on the new server or a different server will be the (sole) responsibility of the owner, department, or other agent acting on behalf of the website owner.
  • Those sites not claimed on WWW2/3 will not automatically be migrated to the new server and will be removed/deleted.

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