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Product Features Version 6

  1. Flexible Storage Architecture
  2. Full Text Search
  3. Global Search Across Databases
  4. Adjacency Search
  5. Profile Cards & Query-by-Example
  6. File Viewers
  7. Adobe Acrobat PDF Indexing and Viewer
  8. Integrated CD Recording and Management
  9. CD-SPAN: Write and Read Across CDs
  10. Data Compression
  11. Scan2CD Features
  12. Scan Into Alchemy Folders
  13. Index Images Using OCR or Data Entry
  14. Multi-Page TIFF Support
  15. Insert Existing Images
  16. Image Editing Tools
  17. Batch Separator Support
  18. Folder Lookup
  19. DataGrabber Features
  20. CAD2CD Features

Flexible Storage Architecture

Think of Alchemy as the ultimate file cabinet! Images, COLD, video, sound, clip art, text and any other PC file are all indexed and stored together on CD or any logical storage device. Alchemy stores every PC file format in its "database" architecture. The term "database" refers to the files, records or documents which you grouped together and organized for rapid search and retrieval. Each database has its own index. A disc can hold several Alchemy databases, or a single database can span multiple discs. A database can be organized into folders with any number of sub-folders. Files can be easily linked together into "compound documents" that are always retrieved together.

Full Text Search

Alchemy automatically indexes all the text found in your text files, enabling instant retrieval of any file or document stored anywhere on the CD. There is no need to remember file names or dates; you can find files by searching for words or phrases that are in the text. This is ideal for finding e-mail, word processing files or any ASCII text. This powerful feature includes Boolean search (AND, OR, NOT), wild cards and extremely fast search results. Unlike other full-text or index server software, Alchemy's indexes are compressed to only 3% of the text file size. This gives you incredibly fast search results and the flexibility to store the text index on every CD or other removable disc.

Global Search Across Databases

Users now have the option of searching on a custom search group, or selecting the default "All Databases" search group. By defining a custom search group, users can specify which databases they wish to search together, regardless of their physical location. These databases can reside on the user’s hard drive, a network server disk, a local CD-ROM, a CD-ROM in a jukebox or tower, an M-O disk or any other random access drive.

Adjacency Search

Adjacency search enables users to retrieve only those documents where the words specified in a search are found next to one another. For example, one might use the adjacency search feature to search for "North Carolina" or "Dr. Smith" or "International Peace Talks".

Profile Cards & Query-by-Example

In addition to the full-text and file name indexes that are automatically created for you, Alchemy also provides a Profile Card (think of it as an Index Card) for every folder, file or record in its database. A Profile Card can contain any number of user-specified text fields that can be used for Query-by-Example searches. Profile Cards are ideal for attaching retrieval keywords to images, WAV, AVI or other binary files. Profile Cards are also ideal for COLD storage and retrieval. IMR's optional DataGrabber module for Alchemy can parse any ASCII text stream and automatically populate Profile fields on-the-fly.

File Viewers

Alchemy includes integrated viewers for over 250 versions of popular word processing, spreadsheet, database and image file formats. This enables you to view a file's contents without opening it in its native application or restoring it to a hard drive. Thus, you can distribute files on CD for others to view, print, copy or restore. Or, you can "preview" a file without having to first restore it to your hard drive. Tight viewer integration results in very fast viewing results. A Forms Overlay option allows you to view ASCII text in a bitmap image of the original form (invoice, statement, personnel file etc.)

Adobe Acrobat PDF Indexing and Viewer

With the PDF plug-in for Alchemy 5.0, users now have the ability to index, search, retrieve and view PDF documents, seamlessly in conjunction with all the other document formats supported in Alchemy. The Acrobat Reader itself becomes another viewer in Alchemy Search, and is automatically copied to the destination disk. The text indexed from PDF documents is merged with the index of other file formats such as Word, WordPerfect or ASCII data files. This enables one search to locate PDFs along with other files.

Integrated CD Recording and Management

Alchemy is the first information management program with completely integrated, "lights-out" CD recording. IMR developed advanced CD-R technology to prevent "buffer under-runs" from ruining a CD in the middle of a large backup or recording session, to prevent unnecessary "wasted space" typical of premastering software, and to span CDs during recording. ISO 9660 operations are handled automatically, so users do not have to deal with arcane procedures. Multi-session and track-at-once writing is supported. Users do have access to such CD-R variables as recording speed (1X, 2X, 4X), track buffer size, Close Session, Write-Protect CD. New CD-Rewritable drives are supported.

CD-SPAN: Write and Read Across CDs

You no longer have to worry about running out of CD space. CD-SPAN enables your recording to span across to another CD. The retrieval program knows which CD contains the file or record you need. It is possible to create multi-gigabyte archival sets with one common retrieval index. This is also ideal for backing up 2 or 4 GB hard drives onto CDs. CD-SPAN also facilitates retrieval from a CD jukebox.

Data Compression

Store over 1.3 GB on a 650 MB CD. Or 2 GB on a 1 GB Jazz disk. Files or records are compressed by Alchemy before being written to the disc. Compression is performed on-the-fly and is automatic, with no degradation of indexing speed. Compression results will vary; however, typical compression ratios are 2:1 for word processing and spreadsheet files and up to 8:1 for ASCII text. Most image files are already compressed and will automatically be passed over.

Scan2CD Features

Scan2CD is an optional document imaging module for Alchemy and is sold separately.

Scan Into Alchemy Folders

The easiest and fastest way to convert paper into digital documents that can be stored on disc and quickly retrieved. Includes SCSI drivers for over 100 scanners.

Index Images Using OCR or Data Entry

The Integrated OCR feature can create a full-page text index or populate Profile fields on the fly using zone OCR. You can also drag and drop words from a scanned page into a Profile field - the words are automatically converted to ASCII text. Each method creates information used later to retrieve the page or document. The OCR text file is automatically linked to the image by the Alchemy database engine. Keywords can also be entered by an operator directly into customized Profile fields for each folder, document or page.

Multi-Page TIFF Support

Scan in several pages of a document (such as a 50 page contract or a 20 page manual), and there is a new option to save all the pages together as a multi-page TIFF file. Functionality includes the ability to perform OCR on the entire multi-page TIFF in one step. The multi-page TIFF will be retrieved as one hit in the results list, as a result of a search term or terms being found on any page within the multi-page TIFF. Multi-page TIFFs have one document profile card. The thumbnail view displays all the pages within the multi-page TIFF; double-clicking on one of the thumbnail images displays a single page in the page view window. Printing or faxing of the entire multi-page TIFF or selected pages is supported.

Insert Existing Images

Images scanned with another software application can be added easily.

Image Editing Tools

Scanned images can be edited for clarity and orientation. Deskewing, despeckling, auto-orientation, auto-rotation and other image edit functions are included.

Batch Separator Support

Scan2CD now supports the recognition of batch separators during a scan. Many scanners have this capability. This is useful for scanning in a series of multi-page documents, or separating documents into folders. By recognizing a separator sheet, the software can now automatically recognize the start of one multi-page document and the end of the previous document.

Folder Lookup

When scanning in a batch mode, the user can specify a folder into which the next scanned image should be placed. This is presented to the user in a drop-down list box.

DataGrabber Features

DataGrabber is an optional COLD/COM module for Alchemy and is sold separately.

DataGrabber is an easy to learn and powerful macro language that allows you to extract data from a computer report output in ASCII, and import that data directly into an Alchemy database for indexing. DataGrabber gives you the flexibility to choose the data to extract, and to describe exactly how you want that data to be viewed and retrieved. Unlike templates with rigid, predetermined guidelines, DataGrabber fields are fully configurable, enabling the software to handle reports that are not uniform. Templates don't always work due to variations in line and record lengths - but DataGrabber will!

CAD2CD Features

CAD2CD is an optional AutoCAD indexing and viewing module and is sold separately.

Portable viewer for AutoCAD DWG and DXF files.

Works with AutoCAD R14 and earlier.

Automatically indexes the data in a drawing: attributes, tags, values, text, and blocks.

CAD viewer can be copied to CD or any other removable disc, so others can retrieve and view the drawings without AutoCAD or a document manager seat.

Search for data contained in drawings; the data is marked in the viewer for fast and easy location.

Supports 3D drawings and Xrefs.