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Scanning Form Completion

When you submit materials to be scanned, you must fill out a Scanning Submittal Form along with the NCS optical mark sense sheets to be scanned.

See the example below:

Submittal Form

Name, contact phone number, department, date, and e-mail address are needed for processing. Mark the boxes next to the desired scanning services (for information on these services, please see Scanning Services). Below is an example of the options you need to check.

Service Request

The SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS paragraph is used to specify requirements that are not listed on other areas of the Submittal Form. For example, this section could be used to authorize alternative people to pick up the scanning or specify that the same key sheet(s) is to be used for scanning multiple data sets.

Note to customers: please do not use post-it notes, loose notes or any other messages except in the Special Instructions box. Small notes often get lost and your request may not be processed if your notes are not with your scan sheets. If you need more room than the box allows please continue on the back of the Submittal Form and make a note such as, "More on back" etc.

Here is an example:

Special Instructions

GROUP OR SECTION # (see the following examples for these sections below)
If needed, provide numbering for different groups or class sections, especially if there are two or more sets of materials to be scanned.

If you want data entry only, you must provide an IBM PC formatted floppy disk to store your data on.

Group or Section Table

When retrieving scanning results, the person retrieving the results must sign here. This person must have some form of photo identification for security purposes (either a UTA identification card, driver's license, or passport see example below).

The person retrieving the scanning results must be either the same person designated in the NAME section or an alternate person authorized in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS section.

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